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Apple iPhone 13 Might Feature Always-on Display

By Yeti - 
16th Feb 2021
iPhone 11

According to a new leak, the Apple iPhone 13 will bring in new features such as an Always-on Display and brand new design. Also, there are some new photography modes you might find interesting.

Always-on display is something Android users have been enjoying for years. The ability to check notifications without picking up the phone is something iPhone will have for the first time.

Having said that, the leaks come in the form of a video posted by the YouTuber EverythingApplePro and the known leaker Max Weinbach.

Apple iPhone 13 might feature Always-on Display

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Always-on Display

Talking about the most awaited feature, the always-on display on the iPhone 13 might look similar to the one on the Apple Watch 6. The lock screen will be simplified and always show the time and the battery level of the device.

Apple is also said to offer some level of customization. Like the Always-on display on Android, only part of the screen will light up in case a notification comes up.

According to Weinbach, the Apple iPhone 13 will come with the 120 Hz LTPO display. This is the same display that is present in the Samsung’s flagship phone, Galaxy S21.

iPhone 13 Design

Speculations suggest that the iPhone 13 will look similar to the iPhone 12, with some minute yet noticeable changes.

The Pro variant of the iPhone 13 might come with a matte back instead of the glossy back found on the iPhone 12 base model. Also, according to the YouTuber EverythingApplePro, the upcoming model will feature an upgraded Magsafe connector.

The new magnets are said to be stronger, thereby making it more secure. Having said that, some sources suggest won’t change the thickness of the phone. However, the Japanese outlet going by the name of MacOtakara suggests otherwise.

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iPhone 13 Camera

As expected with every new model, Apple will set the bar even higher with the iPhone 13. The most noticeable upgrade is the inclusion of a new ultra-wide-angle lens on every model.

Also, reports suggest that the camera will be a six-piece lens as opposed to the five-piece lens found on the iPhone 12.

New features include an Astrophotography mode that enables users to click better pictures of the sky even in low light.

Like the Portrait mode for pictures, Apple might introduce a portrait mode for videos. This means you can focus on a particular subject while blurring out the background. You can also edit the level of blur after shooting the video.

This wraps up everything the leak has to offer about the iPhone 13.

Do you want the Always-on display on the iPhone 13? Let us know what you think in the comments below!


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