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Apple Watch Detects Pregnancy Before Clinical Test, Here’s How

- Updated: 10th Oct 2022, 15:27 IST
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    Apple Watch Detects Pregnancy Before Clinical Test: Here’s The Full Story

You’ve probably heard of incidents when the Apple Watch saved people’s lives by detecting aberrant heart rates, oxygen saturation, and other factors. However, for the first time, an Apple Watch user has credited the health feature with detecting pregnancy before a clinical test.

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Apple Watch Detects Pregnancy Before Clinical Test: Here’s The Full Story

Apple Watch

On Reddit, a 34-year-old lady revealed her Apple Watch experience. She admitted that her Apple Watch had been alerting her to an accelerated heart rate for more than 15 days. “Normally, my resting heart rate is at 57, but it has risen to 72,” she explained.

She stated her diet and routine, revealing that she goes to the gym and maintains a healthy diet. She is also breastfeeding her 18-month-old child. So nothing pointed to the cause of her higher heart rate. Notably, she was also missing periods.

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She was also tested for a cold and a fever, but everything returned normal. However, after receiving no leads, she went online to look for alternative explanations. She found an online article that indicated that women sometimes experience an increase in heart rate during early pregnancy. “I read that this sometimes happens with early pregnancy, and sure enough, the test was positive right away,” she added.

She later went to a clinic to confirm, and the doctor disclosed that she was four weeks pregnant. She wasn’t experiencing many pregnancy-related symptoms because her pregnancy was still in its early stages. However, her Apple Watch recognised and alerted her to anything uncommon in her body, resulting in an accelerated heart rate.

She credited her Apple Watch with detecting pregnancy and advised Apple users to pay heed to the Watch’s heart rate notifications.

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