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Apple Watch Series 5, Watch SE Users To Get Free Repairs If They Encounter This Problem

By Yeti - 
17th Feb 2021
Apple Watch Series 5 and Watch SE Users to get Free Repairs

If you own an Apple Watch Series 5 or the Watch SE, you can opt for a free repair in case you encounter the charging issue. Just in case you are unfamiliar with the bug, it pops up when the watch enters the battery saving mode. Once the Power Reserve Mode is activated, you can no longer charge your Apple Watch.

The Cupertino based company has acknowledged the issue on February 15. Following the announcement, Apple quickly stated that users running watchOS 7.2 or watchOS 7.3 can face the aforementioned issue.

In case you are running either of these software versions, Apple advises Watch users upgrade to the latest software version. The watchOS 7.3.1 update fixes the charging base once and for all.

Users can check the software version they are using by launching the Settings app and going to the General section, followed by the About option.

Apple Watch Series 5 and Watch SE Users to get Free Repairs

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Just place your Apple Watch on the charger and wait for the next 30 minutes. You can contact Apple Support if your device is unable to charge. Users can also visit an Apple service centre and check if you watch is eligible for free repair or not.

If you don’t know how to upgrade the software to the latest version, just launch the Watch App, go to General and click on Software Update. Your smartphone will automatically download and install the update. Keep in mind that your device needs to have at least 50 per cent charge to start the update process.

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But that might not be possible if your Apple Watch is already low on battery and unable to charge. In that case, the only option is to visit the nearest Apple Care centre and asking them for a repair.

Having said that, only a few users are currently experiencing the charging bug. If you are unable to visit Apple store, you can contact Apple Support and arrange for a mail-in for free.


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