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Apple Working On New Keyboard : Details Here

- Updated: 16th Dec 2022, 21:00 IST
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    More Details On The Apple Keyboard’s Functions

Sources suggest that Apple can be working on a dynamic backlit keyboard technology. This technology allows it to perform various tasks along with its primary function. This can potentially revolutionize the way we type. A new patent filed by Cupertino, a California-based tech giant, hints at a future MacBook keyboard with changing key functions. A keyboard that can illuminate based on the context.

Reports suggest that the underlying LEDs can show animation and video on top of the keys. Compared to the Previous LEDs that only made the keys visible in dark environments. As reported in Patently Apple, the US Patent & Trademark Office published an Apple patent on Thursday that deals with keyboard mechanisms. It also reveals that the keys will be of aluminum. Additionally, It would also feature dynamic lettering, or “glyphs,” that will light up according to the corresponding function.

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More Details On The Apple Keyboard’s Functions

Per the Patent report, the present embodiments relate to keycaps having illuminable glyphs that are selectively visible or invisible to an unaided human eye. It also says that the future Apple keyboard can come with holes through which LED lights could illuminate changing symbols. As well as numbers and letters by selectively lighting up specific perforations.

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This revolutionary keyboard will allow users to change keyboard layouts or switch to a different language altogether. Moreover, the key LEDs can also show animations, information, or even video on one specific key or a group of keys, as per the report. These new keyboards will undoubtedly have several advantages over existing backlit keyboards.

The current Apple keyboards are of plastic and come with letters or symbols painted or coated. Repeated use of them results in the paint/coat fading away. In contrast, the aluminum key promises much higher quality. Its changing LED glyphs eliminate the problem of key symbols disappearing. However, it is just a patent application, and there is no guarantee that this technology will be developed or released.

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