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Battlefield Mobile: Announcement of Closed Beta Testing; Launch nearby

- Updated: 17th Feb 2022, 17:47 IST
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    When would Battlefield Mobile Closed Beta Testing be available?
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    How to pre-register for it?
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    Battlefield Mobile Gameplay

Battlefield Mobile has been subject to great anticipation for mobile gamers. They would love to experience this series on their mobile devices and are counting days. That wait seems to be drawing to a close. Android users in India would be eligible for the Closed Beta Testing for the game.

When would Battlefield Mobile Closed Beta Testing be available?

Battlefield 2042

According to EA, the Closed Beta testing version of the Battlefield Mobile game would be available sometime later this month. It doesn’t appear that there would be too much delay in the process of rolling out the test version.

It is imperative to launch the test version if it wants to meet its tentative release date of release in the second half of 2022.

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Usually, Closed Beta Testing means that some users play the game so that the developers can receive feedback. It is assumed that many of the elements present in this phase would also be present in the final version.

Although there are things that could face alteration, this is an indication of the way the game would pan out.

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How to pre-register for it?

Battlefield Mobile is currently online on Google Play Store. Anyone who wants to get their hands on the game should pre-register. These people will be able to play the game before the people who aren’t pre-registering.

Battlefield Mobile Gameplay

Battlefield Mobile

The game has been popular since the time it came out on other platforms like PC and Consoles. The mobile gamers are now waiting with great anticipation to see what the mobile version will offer.
The mobile version will contain many of the qualities and characteristics that were there in the PC and Console versions. Like in those versions, Battlefield mobile seems likely to have vehicular combat, battling in grand scale and more of the same typical aspects that are the hallmark of this series.

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Highlights of the Story

  • Battlefield Mobile will be finally making its way from PC and Console to mobile devices.
  • Closed Beta Testing of Battlefield Mobile might be available later this month.
  • Pre-registration of the game already started and the final version will come out later this year.