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Battlegrounds Mobile India: Things That Can Get You Banned

- Updated: 21st Jun 2021, 15:08 IST
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    Battlegrounds Mobile India: Rules Of Conduct

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) was launched in India a couple of days ago. The game was launched as a beta version which players are enjoying at the moment. The game already bagged 50L+ downloads on the Google Play Store.

BGMI is basically the Indian version for PUBG Mobile, which was banned last year. Now, Krafton has taken over the India version which allowed them to re-launch the game in a new avatar in the country. However, from the looks of it, the game is exactly PUBG Mobile. Besides, it just feels like a rebranded version of the banned mobile game.

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Furthermore, to be on the safe side of things, Krafton has listed a set of guidelines. Moreover, these guidelines are basically rules of conduct in the mobile game. Also, if players do not oblige by these, their account can get banned. We are talking about there being permanent bans as well. So, read through the list carefully to not be on the wrong side of things.

Battlegrounds Mobile India: Rules Of Conduct

The rules of conduct set by Battlegrounds Mobile India for its players are:

  1. To Not Use Unauthorized Programs or Hardware Devices
  2. Refraining from Modifying the Game Client, Servers, or Game Data
  3. To Not Exploit Vulnerabilities in the Game (Bugs and Glitches)
  4. Not Discriminating Against Others
  5. To Not Use Inappropriate Nicknames
  6. Refrain From Killing Team Members
  7. To Not Team Up During Solo Matches
  8. Refraining From Stalking Other Players On A Match To Match Basis
  9. To Not Publish Personal Information
  10. Refraining From Manipulating Match Results
  11. To Not Steal Another User’s Account
  12. Refraining From Going AFK Or Idling During Matches
  13. Not Indulging In The Trading Or Selling Of Accounts
  14. To Not Disturb Business Operations
  15. Not Playing the Game Abnormally
  16. Other Undefined Misconduct

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These are all the recommended guidelines which Battlegrounds Mobile India players have to follow. Else, their account can face a ban. Depending on the gravity of their misconduct, the ban will either be temporary or permanent. The developers have also rolled out a list for the duration of bans. Refer to the below image for all details.

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Raghvendra Pratap

2 Year ago
Please my id Unban help me


2 Year ago
Please bgmi I requested to unban my account I promise you rule and regulations 5215037825 character id Manoj. Character name