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Best Guns In Call Of Duty Mobile Season 13


The new Call of Dut Mobile Season 13 has brought a lot of new improvements including the new SMG weapons. With all the new additions and improvements to the guns, here we have listed out all the best guns that you should definitely use to destroy your opponent in Call of Duty Mobile Season 13.

By Tech Geek - 
21st Jan 2021
Call of Duty

Highlights of the Story

  • The Call of Duty season 13 Winter War has a lot of new weapons and many more modifications to older guns.
  • All the guns are divided into various categories such as assault rifles, light machine guns, shotguns, submachine guns, and sniper rifles.
  • Here we have listed all the Best Guns in Call of Duty Mobile Season 13.

Call of Duty is the most popular game among youngsters, especially because of its fun loaded gameplay and addicting missions. With the arrival of Season 13, the fun has literally doubled owing to its awesome fresh collection of guns that will surely make your day and ensure a win in every match.

In the latest season, dubbed Winter War Season, Call of Duty mobile has come up with a collection of amazing guns. It is time to explore all of them in this comprehensive listing. Read on further to know more about them in detail!

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Best Assault Rifles in COD Mobile Season 13

1. ASM 10

The ASM10 is effective at long range destruction, but not so good at close range because of the comparatively slow fire rate . Sadly, there are no major motivations to get this weaponry unlocked, in spite of the fact that it looks very aggressive.

ASM 10

2. Peacemaker MK2

This gun has 50 damage, quick shoot rate, incredible precision, and high portability, making it the favored weapon for players who play with aggression. This flaunts a marginally higher magazine capacity, a more slow pace of fire, which it compensates for with somewhat higher damage, quicker reload time, medium recoil control and longer reach.

Peacemaker MK2

3. DR-H

The DR-H can bargain up to 47 damage with an excellent shoot rate, and the precision of the weapon is fairly accurate. It needs less charge to the backlash when discharging. This gun will only be accessible only if you own a Battle Pass. At level 21, a player can own the rifle for nothing. The Chained Skin variant of this rifle is accessible to players at tier number 50 only if they own a Premium Pass.


4. LK-24

The LK24 is one of the best attack rifle which you can use. This weapon delivers upto 41 damage, a fairly fast shooting speed, great precision, and can also be utilized for unlimited range. This assault rifle is a great choice if your ability to aim is not great.

The LK24 is a very decent weapon to evaluate on account of its quick shoot movement and elevated standard of precision – unquestionably meriting the extent of speculation. This assault rifle is a flawless versatile gun, allowing you to use it along these lines to an SMG, though with marginally more prospect at a higher range. 

LK 24

5. KN-44

This attack rifle, because of its unmatched damage per shot of 70 points, performs very well in different ranges. It is marginally trickier to aim at long range due to its powerful fire rate, yet the backlash turns out to be effectively unsurprising when you practice controlling the recoil. The KN-44 gun possesses extraordinary execution, great damage, fast shooting speed, and great precision, making it a standout weapon to use for any reach.

KN 44

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Best Submachine Guns in COD Mobile S13

1. Razorback

The Razorback submachine gun is able to shoot up to a 42 damage with a reasonable fire rate. Its precision makes it one of the most reliable submachine guns out there, while the power is also in check. There are a total of two skins variants available for the weapon namely; Cosmos and Dark Matter. In spite of these great elements, the weapon cannot be found easily, and obtaining it in COD Mobile is now a thing of the past. 


2. GKS

The submachine gun GKS possesses an adaptability that an average player needs in a submachine gun in COD Mobile. The GKS stand its ground for a variety of ranges, provided that you’re hitting the targets accurately. The GKS SMG is able to hit up to a 43 damage, has a high burst flow, and good portability with exceptional backlash restraint.


3. QQ9

The QQ9 submachine firearm is incomparable in low-proximity battles with increased damage and a swift fire rate of 83. This makes the QQ9 the most agile executing weapon to employ. The QQ9 can be astonishingly ground-breaking when used correctly. The QQ9 submachine gun is intended to destroy the enemies in short-proximity battles. 


4. RUS-79U

The RUS-79U is an extraordinarily comprehensive SMG with a staggering damage yield.  This SMG will defend you in a battle around a small area using its enormous damage and a fast fire rate. The RUS-79U possesses 43 damage, swift shooting speed, excellent precision, and also a great backlash check. You also have the option to burst into tight and busy spaces and shower your path to the winner’s position using this SMG.


5. QXR 

This weapon possesses a 38 damage, remarkably expeditious burst fire speed, amazing precision, great accuracy, and is also great during any low-proximity fight. The COD  players would discover the QXRs commonly in the rare section and the gun possesses 50 mag size. This submachine gun can be accessed by the players as soon as they finish all the missions assigned in the “Run and Gun” Seasonal Challenges.


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Best Sniper Rifles in COD Mobile S13

1. Locus

Locus is a sniper rifle weapon of Call of Duty Mobile that has very high damage and is insanely accurate. Locus is the new best sniper rifle in COD Mobile’s season 13. Delivering damage of up to 84 points, the Locus can prove to be a worthy pick during long-range combat battles.


2. DL Q33

The DL Q33 is able to hit up to 80 damage with great extension, and can likewise slaughter the aim at any stretch if it hits the ribs area region of the enemy. The controls on a smartphone make it intense to deal with, and the DL Q33’s quick fire rate implies that missing a shot is almost certain. By using attachments such as the MIP Lite, YPM Combat Stock, Bipod, and AWC, the ease of using the gun and its accuracy can be improved by significant margins.


3. Kilo Bolt Action

It causes massive damage of upto 81 points, and tends to be extremely accurate as well. It is probably the best long range weapon that can be used to its full potential when in the right hands. Moreover, you can customize its design through various skins such as Snowframe, SnowStream, Digital Death, Can’t Stope Me, and Royal Flush. 


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Best Shotguns in COD Mobile S13

1. KRM-262

The KRM-262 is an ideal shotgun. It is able to impart about 98 points of damage besides having a fair burst fire rate. Also, it possesses great precision. The KRM-262, in this Season 13, has the capability to deal some insane damage, even from a distance, with the right loadout and attachments. The weapon is unlocked at player level 43, and the weapon itself can be leveled up for more attachments.

KRM 262

2. Echo

The Echo is a self-loading shotgun which is able to hit up to 93 points damage. This shotgun boasts of immense damage capability, low recoil , and fairly high precision. This firearm may eventually become the most important shotguns in all of COD Mobile seasons, thanks to lightweight and portability. Also, there are various beautiful skins available for the gun, such as Natural Causes, Demon Eyes and Full Moon. 


Best LMG in COD Mobile S13

The Chopper is the best LMG hands down. This gun is able to hit up to 40 damage with exceptional shoot speed, and high precision. The Chopper boasts of a quick discharge speed, and unrivalled efficiency. This weapon has smaller backlash and it can be used in any range. 


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