WhatsApp threats are getting more common these days as hackers improve their tools and techniques for carrying out Whatsapp scam. According to Rahul Sasi, the founder and CEO of CloudSEk, a contextual AI business that forecasts Cyber Threats, there is a new approach to get beyond WhatsApp’s protection. This new method, according to Rahul Sasi, is the simplest way to hijack someone’s WhatsApp account.

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The scam is straightforward: the target receives a call from the attacker, who instructs the user to dial a specific number. If the victim dials the number, the hacker can quickly take control of the user’s account with a simple finger snap.

The ruse appears to be similar to the WhatsApp OTP fraud that surfaced in April of last year. Let’s look at how this new WhatsApp scam works and how you can defend yourself from it.

A Simple WhatsApp Scam Can Take Over Your Account!

 WhatsApp scam

‘While there are hundreds of frauds, I want to highlight this specific one because of its simplicity,’ reports explained how the new scam works. The hoax will be more successful if it is simple and brief.’

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The attacker calls the victim and convinces them to dial “*6710 digit number> or 40510 digit number>” to carry out the hack. The target is logged out of their WhatsApp account once they dial the number. Soon after this the attacker has complete control over it.

Scammers have used this technique before. There have been multiple previous reports of similar cyberattacks on other platforms. Enabling 2-step verification on your WhatsApp account and setting up a password or PIN to log in is the best approach to remain safe from such threats.

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