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Clubhouse To End Invitation System Soon, Will Allow Linking Instagram and Twitter

- Updated: 11th Oct 2022, 17:12 IST
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    How to Link Instagram and Twitter on Clubhouse

Clubhouse to end invitation system soon for all users. According to the most recent beta release notes, users of the Clubhouse app on Android can now link their Instagram and Twitter accounts to their profiles. On a Club page, the developers have also released updates that make it easier to follow speakers and learn about forthcoming events. Furthermore, the developers have stated that the update will be available to the public “sometime this summer”. This implies that anyone would be able to freely join the platform. To join the app right now, you’ll need an invitation.

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Android users will be able to quickly follow a room or a club while hearing a live conversation. No need to leave the discussion and visit the club’s page, thanks to the new Clubhouse update. Users can also follow or schedule reminders for forthcoming rooms inside a club. They can also scroll through all upcoming discussions and activities.

Users will be able to add their other social network profiles to their account settings. Currently, it only allows Android users to delete accounts. Clubhouse previously allowed Android users to modify or add to their favorite topics for the app, allowing them to receive suitable room requests based on their preferences.

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How to Link Instagram and Twitter on Clubhouse

Clubhouse users can link their Instagram and Twitter accounts to their profiles. This will allow others to “get to know you better, follow your other accounts, and DM you (if your IG/ Twitter settings allow it),” according to the latest Android update notes of the beta app. To add your account link, beta testers could go to their profiles and click Add Twitter or Add Instagram.

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Not to forget, Clubhouse announced on Twitter that the application will be available to everyone “sometime this summer”. This effectively indicates that no invitation will be necessary for individuals to join the platform. “That means the next few updates will be about discovery, notifications, and less visible but very crucial improvements,” the tweet said, indicating that the Android app will be brought up to equivalence with the iOS version in the next releases.