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OnePlus Survey Suggests New Blockchain Tech Coming In The Future

- Updated: 4th Jun 2021, 05:49 IST
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    What is this OnePlus blockchain survey about?

OnePlus may be considering joining the cryptocurrency business. The company is conducting a survey on blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency industry. This indicates that it may be considering entering the sector. The company’s OneLab team is conducting the survey, which is named ‘OnePlus Blockchain Research.’

There are inquiries regarding cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, among others. The company is also surveying its audience on their cryptocurrency investments. Like how frequently they check their values, and how they utilize cryptocurrency platforms, among other things.

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What is this OnePlus blockchain survey about?

OnePlus appears to be seeking to understand its customers’ activities and what they believe about cryptocurrencies based on the questions throughout the survey so far. Aside from that, the survey aims to comprehend the problems that users encounter. It also aims to collect information whether they are investing or merely holding bitcoins.

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There are a few more questions regarding using these cryptocurrency wallets, such as how easy they are to use and how a user feels regarding the security they provide.

The survey focuses on what cryptocurrency users do, how frequently they purchase or trade in cryptocurrencies. Also, how easy it is to use, and how secure it is. There is also a mention of Non-fungible tokens (NFT) by the company. These questions appear to be critical from the standpoint of product design. This implies that OnePlus is looking into the need for and value of developing its own cryptocurrency wallet.

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According to MySmartPrice, the OnePlus Blockchain Research survey indicates the company’s interest in developing a cryptocurrency-related product. Although the survey’s title suggests that the focus is primarily on understanding blockchain technology, several of the questions given to respondents point to the development of a new cryptocurrency platform that may serve as a wallet for digital currencies like Bitcoin.