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CoD Mobile Season 9 is Here: New Battle Pass, Weapons and More

- Updated: 21st Oct 2021, 05:12 IST
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    CoD Mobile Season 9: Battle Pass
    • Character Skins
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    CoD Mobile Season 9: Daily Login Reward, Events and More

CoD Mobile Season 9 has finally arrived today, that is, October 21, 2021. The brand new season is named ‘Nightmare’ and is Halloween-themed. So, we get to see a ton of new horror-centric in-game items to grab. This includes a new epic daily login character skin as well, from the looks of which, CoD Mobile has definitely gone all out on.

Another great news for Call of Duty Mobile fans is the fact that Undead Siege is back! Moreover, people who could not push for the epic character skins the individual pass of the game mode was offering, can resume the grind. Fans of this game mode can finally go all guns blazing on hundreds of zombies for hours on end. Without any further ado, let us take a quick look at everything that is new in CoD Mobile Season 9!

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CoD Mobile Season 9: Battle Pass

As mentioned before, this time, the game is following a Halloween theme. So, even the battle pass skins heavily reflect on the overall theme of this season. Yes, there are spooky but beautifully designed character skins, horrifyingly cool looking weapon skins and more. Besides, the new burst fire weapon called Swordfish has also been added to the battle pass for both free-to-play and premium players alike!

Character Skins

Artery – Nosferatu

CoD Mobile Season 9 Artery

This is the first skin that you receive, at Tier 1 of CoD Mobile Season 9 Battle Pass. Artery is one of the most popular female character skins in the game and it is certainly great to get a horror-centric skin of it.

Iskra – Arachnis

The popular Iskra character from Call of Duty Modern Warfare has finally been added to CoD Mobile and it certainly looks good. The Iskra – Arachnis character skin can be obtained at Tier 12 of the new battle pass.

Nikto – Scarecrow

Yes, we are getting another Nikto skin in CoD Mobile Season 9 and it definitely will appeal to all the horror lovers out there. The Nikto – Scarecrow skin can be obtained upon reaching Tier 35 of CoD Mobile Season 9 battle pass.

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Rott – Tomb Bound

This is the fourth and the last character skin that the new battle pass offers. It can be obtained at the very last tier 50 of the battle pass.

Weapon Skins

UL736 – Gourd Loader

This is the first weapon skin that the new battle pass offers. The UL736 – Gourd Loader can be obtained at Tier 1 right after purchasing the CoD Mobile Season 9 battle pass.

HS0405 – Skeletal Ignition

This is the second weapon skin and yes, the HS0405 is finally getting a good epic skin. At Tier 10 of the battle pass, one can get their hands on this skin.

Peacekeeper MK2 – Spine Rattle

The Peacekeeper MK2 is getting a weapon skin and it is probably something that takes the overall aesthetics of an epic weapon skin to a completely different level. There are multiple layers of design going on in this gun and it definitely goes alongside the theme perfectly as well. This weapon skin can be obtained at Tier 30 of CoD Mobile Season 9 battle pass.

PP19 Bizon – Haunted Haystack

The PP19 Bizon – Haunted Haystack skin looks exactly how it sounds and can be obtained at Tier 40 of the brand new battle pass.

Swordfish – MK2

CoD Mobile Season 9 Swordfish MK2

The last epic weapon skin in the battle pass is that of the newly added burst fire Swordfish MK2 AR. The default skin of this gun can be obtained by free-to-play players at Tier 21 of CoD Mobile Season 9 battle pass. On the other hand, the premium epic Swordfish MK2 can be obtained at Tier 50 or the last tier of the battle pass.

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CoD Mobile Season 9: Daily Login Reward, Events and More

In addition to the newly added battle pass, we also get to see a refreshed daily login calendar. Now, the daily login calendar is offering an epic Seraph skin. The epic skin is called the Seraph – Fallen Fiend and can be claimed on Day 23 of the new season.

In addition to this, we get a new epic grindable Razorback skin which can be obtained in the events tab under Seasonal objectives. Upon completing just seven objectives, one can get their hands on this skin.

In addition, we also get a new tactical weapon called Flash Drone which is now available under the Seasonal objectives tab as well. We can also get our hands on the new Operator skill called TAK – 5 at Tier 14 of CoD Mobile Season 9 battle pass. This new operator skill allows players to heal themselves and their teammates, alongside adding an extra 50 HP.

Additionally, we will soon get to see a new BR class called Pumped, the new Halloween Standoff and Hovec Sawmill maps. Later on, we will be witnessing the arrival of another gun called the Thumper, which is a grenade launcher.

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