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    Dying Light 2 Official Gameplay Reveal: Everything That’s New

    By Sagnik Das Gupta | 
    Updated: 4th Dec 2021 15:29 IST
    Dying Light 2

    Highlights of the Story

    • Dying Light 2: Stay Human is set to release on February 4, 2022.
    • Ahead of release, official gameplay of the game has now been revealed.
    • We get to see a new paraglider and grappling hook in the game.

    Dying Light 2: Stay Human is all set to launch on February 4, 2022. With the game’s official release being two months away, we get to see the official gameplay of the game. The game developers took to the official Dying Light YouTube channel. In an episodic format, they have been releasing videos to talk and reveal more about the game. This is the fifth episode in the series of “Dying 2 Know” and this time, the official gameplay and key elements in the game have been revealed.

    The Dying Light franchise is known for its zombie survival horror ft. parkour style gameplay. The game stands out as one of the few very unique zombie apocalypse-based games that will not bore you out. Let us take a quick look at what the next addition in the Dying Light franchise has in store!

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    Dying Light 2: Stay Human Gameplay

    Going by the official gameplay of the upcoming zombie survival horror game, there is a very exciting thing that we will get as players. This new element is the paragliding mechanics of the sequel. You heard that right, we do get a paraglider. Since Dying Light 2 is also going to be an open-world game, a paraglider would definitely make it less annoying to travel across the city.

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    In addition, we can most certainly see that the graphical overhaul is pretty significant as well. Dying Light is known for its day night cycles as well. Just like Days Gone, the night time in Dying Light is the worse to be outside roaming the city. Hordes of zombies constantly run after you. Moreover, they are stronger and significantly more aggressive.

    Dying Light 2 Gameplay

    However, the new grapple hook addition to Dying Light 2 is definitely something that will make it easier for you to escape. The new episode focuses on a quest called ‘A Place to Call Home’ in the game. This allows us to see how the paraglider works in the game. Additionally, we get a quick look at the fighting mechanics of the game.

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    From the gameplay itself, we can see that the protagonist of the franchise, Aiden Caldwell, has evolved. His melee and overall fighting techniques are more seamless and satisfying now. The game will be releasing for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and even Nintendo Switch.


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