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    PUBG New State First Big Update Incoming: Here’s What’s New

    By Sagnik Das Gupta | 
    Updated: 6th Dec 2021 19:10 IST
    PUBG New State December 9 Update

    Highlights of the Story

    • PUBG New State will get a new update on December 9, 2021.
    • The December 9 update patch notes have now been unveiled.
    • New weapon, vehicle and more are coming to the game.

    PUBG New State is all set to get its first big update on December 9, 2021. Now, ahead of its official release, the December 9 Update Patch Notes have been officially revealed. This gives us an insight into what to expect from the upcoming update. Since its release in November, the game has received its first major update now.

    Going by the Patch Notes, for starters, we will get to see a new Survivor Pass in the game. Survivor Pass is basically what Battle Pass is for most games. Additionally, two new vehicles and a brand new gun will be added to the game.

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    PUBG New State December 9 Update Patch Notes

    PUBG New State December 9 Patch Notes

    Taking a look at the PUBG New State officially released Patch Notes for December 9 update, here’s everything new:

    Brand New Weapon

    Yes, we will be getting a brand new weapon, an assault rifle at that. This upcoming assault rifle will be called L85A3. Moreover, it will feature highest damage of all the assault rifles in PUBG New State currently.

    Weapon Overview
    Weapon Type: Bullpup Assault Rifle
    Ammo: 5.56mm
    Highest damage of all 5.56 assault rifles
    Performs well in mid to long-range firefights
    Low fire rate
    The L85A3 can be found in both Erangel and Troi.

    New Weapon Customisations

    The upcoming L85A3 assault rifle will get a new customisation option called the Vertical Foregrip Bipod. As the name suggests, it will be an all-in-one vertical foregrip and bipod. The good thing about this new customisation option is that it will reduce the vertical recoil of the upcoming assault rifle. Moreover, recoil control will also be easier when crouching or proning in a PUBG New State match.

    However, the downside of it will be that it will slightly reduce the ADS speed. Now, a reduction in ADS speed may prove to be fatal in certain close combat scenarios in case the enemy has an SMG. Another downside of using this attachment will be that it will be equipped in the gun’s Grip Slot. Due to this, players cannot swap it out for a different grip.

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    Brand New Vehicles

    The first car that we get is Electron. This is a six-seater minibus of sorts that is also more durable than the other vehicles in the game.

    The Electron: Vehicle Overview

    • Type: Electric, 6-seater
    • Special Notes: More durable than other vehicles.
    • Location: Troi, Training Ground in PUBG New State
    • New Vehicle: Mesta

    In addition, the other vehicle that we get is The Mesta. This a two-seater sports car that can reach top speeds easily. There are two models for the car, namely, Open and Standard.

    The Mesta: Vehicle Overview

    • Vehicle Overview
    • Type: Gasoline, 2-seater
    • Special Notes: Quick acceleration, high speeds.
    • Location: Erangel, Troi (certain areas), Training Ground of PUBG New State

    PUBG New State Survivor Pass Volume 2

    PUBG New State is all set to get a brand new Survivor Pass as Volume 2. The brand new Pass will be coming to December 9, 2021. This time, the protagonist of the Survivor Pass is Bella of the Dream Runners Faction. Players are required to clear all the story missions in order to collect all the Bella costumes. Here’s what the upcoming and new Survivor Pass Volume 2 will offer:

    • Upgraded level rewards for the Premium Pass.
    • Rewards will be including character costumes and vehicle skins as well.
    • Total of 1,500 NC (PUBG New State in-game currency) will be rewarded to players as soon as they reach Level 48 of the Premium Pass.
    • BP Chests will now be a PUBG New State Free Pass reward.

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