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Epic Games vs Apple Antitrust Comes To EU

- Updated: 19th Feb 2021, 04:45 IST
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    Why Epic Games is going against Apple?

Epic Games, the company responsible for the development of Fortnite, has formally filed another complaint again Apple. This time, the game developer filed an antitrust lawsuit in the European Union.

According to Epic Games, the Cupertino based company Apple has been monopolizing the app market for years, thus eliminating the entire competition in the process.

Having said that, this is not entirely new. Epic Games did the same thing in Australia last year and the UK earlier this year.

Epic Games vs Apple Antitrust comes to EU

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Why Epic Games is going against Apple?

The company has constantly raised voice against Apple’s Policy to take a 30 per cent cut in every app purchase. It argued that the company also gives an unfair advantage to its own services. The CEO of Epic Games, Time Sweeney, has termed the commission as “tax”.

Following the Antitrust lawsuit, Apple reduced the commission rate down to 15 per cent. They also modified their policy, stating that the reduced rate will be applicable for apps that revenue of less than $1 million.

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After Epic’s announcement to file the lawsuit in EU, the company said that they are not looking for any sort of damage compensation, adding that the EU brings an end to Apple’s Monopoly.

The rivalry came into existence Epic Games tried to bypass the 30 per cent commission Apple takes a commission when a customer buys something in-game.

Apple responded to Epic saying that they intentionally violated the ToS of the App Store and that Epic Games “made paw of customers”.

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In a separate case, the European Union filed another antitrust investigation against Apple’s monopoly in the iPhone app market. Telegram has also filed a complaint against Apple, asking the company to allow download from the third-party app stores.

According to the Financial Times, Apple and Epic Games will face the court in the month of May.