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Meta To Tweak Cross Check Feature For VIP Posts, Details Here

- Updated: 5th Mar 2023, 10:27 IST

Facebook’s parent company Meta has announced improvements to its ‘cross-check’ moderation system after facing flak for favouring politicians, actors and other high-profile figures. According to a report, the Meta cross-check feature allows VIP users, advertisers, meta business partners, etc. to post content that violates Facebook and Instagram’s rules without any problem.

The decision itself was also a violation of company policies.

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Meta Cross-Check Feature

Meta cross-check feature

Now Meta has responded to several recommendations of the Oversight Board regarding the controversial ‘cross-check’ program and has agreed to fully or partially implement all 32 of these recommendations.

Meta’s response comes after the board criticized the ‘cross-check’ program for prioritizing business concerns over human rights. Meta described the program as a second layer of review to help avoid mistakes.

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Cross-check users have a huge backlog

The oversight panel also noted that cases of ‘cross-check’ users often occurred so far back that harmful content posted by them was no longer deleted. It remains on the timeline for longer than other users’ posts. Meta agreed to adopt many of the board’s recommendations but declined to implement changes. Because it sought to increase transparency about those involved in the Meta cross-check feature.

Meta agreed to provide the oversight committee with more information on how to cross-check cases internally. The meta company has also promised to reduce the backlog in cross-check cases.

However, Meta categorically refuses the board’s recommendation to disclose VIPs, including politicians, and actors, who have the advantage of the protection of cross-checks.

What Is Meta Cross-Check Feature?

The cross-check program consists of special users selected according to Meta’s business interests. Also, those whose posts have special protection to prevent them from deletion.

If any post of common users is reported by the people or if the internal system of Facebook and Instagram finds it wrong, then it deletes itself. But there is a provision for human review after cross-checking users’ posts.

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Highlights of the Story

  • Facebook Parent Meta to Modify Cross-Check Feature for VIP Posts
  • Meta will tweak the company’s special handling of posts by celebrities
  • Meta promised to implement in full or in part most of the 32 changes

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