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FAU-G Can Finally Be Downloaded On iPhones and iPads

- Updated: 28th Mar 2021, 20:21 IST

The Indian alternative to PUBG, FAU-G was really in the news after the government banned PUBG in India. FAU-G was only available for Android users but now it is available for iOS users too. Now iPhone and iPad users can download the app from Apple Store.

The original launch date of FAU-G was January 26, 2021. But at that time the game was only available for Android users and was not available for any other operating systems. Recently the company has come up with an iOS version.

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Latest features of FAU-G

FAU-G is said to be similar to the most popular game PUBG however it has been facing some criticisms. The game does not have many game modes that is why people of India criticizing the game.

Although there are rumors that the company is planning to bring a new multiplayer deathmatch mode in FAU-G. It will be a 5 vs 5 Mode that will allow 10 people to play against each other. There will be two teams consisting of 5 players and the game ends when one team completely kills all the players of another team.

It will be the first time that FAU-G will let users play against each other.

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iOS update

Recently the iOS users were asking for the game and now it is available in the Apple store. The size of the app is around 567.2 MB. After the launch of FAU-G, around 5 million Android user download in the application. However there were not such good reviews about the game but still the company thought about launching the game for iOS users.

Also, the company is coming up with a new update to the game that is the deathmatch mode. Users expect that this update will make some improvements in FAU-G and can make it more interesting. There are no data about how many iOS users have downloaded the application up till now but soon the company will release it.