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Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Series To Release For Mobile And Steam On July 28

- Updated: 2nd Jul 2021, 10:37 IST
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    Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster: What Else?

Final Fantasy I, II, and III are all set to release for mobile and steam on July 28. The games will be releasing under the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster moniker. The remaster primarily brings back the classic final fantasy games to mobile phones. Moreover, the games are remastered editions which come with improved gameplay and redesigned characters alongside rearranged soundtracks as well.

Additionally, developer Square Enix has also released a few screenshots of the games. The developers have also announced that there will be additional benefits for players who pre-purchase the iconic game series. Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster will contain all the iconic games under it. These include Final Fantasy I to Final Fantasy VI. However, just three out of the six games will roll out on the day of launch, that is, July 28.

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The Press Release for the game states that, “The pixel remaster series brings all the magic of the originals combined with quality-of-life upgrades while staying faithful to the retro design of these masterpieces.” Furthermore, the remastered games will be available for both mobile and PC. The PC versions can be downloaded via the game’s availability on Steam.

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster: What Else?

Square Enix has announced that the new Pixel Remaster series of the game will bring new remastered characters. Additionally, the background graphics will be enhanced as well and will include iconic Final Fantasy characters. Other improved features of the game will be an improved gameplay optimized for controller and touch controls, a much more modern UI and auto battle options.

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Furthermore, the game will also have illustration gallery, music players, bestiary and manual saving feature. Additionally, players who pre-purchase the game via Steam before July 28 are getting a ton of goodies. Players will be getting two exclusive wallpaper from the series alongside three soundtracks. Most importantly, players who pre-purchase will get a 20 percent discount on each title under the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster series.

The Final Fantasy 1 remaster is available for Rs. 550 on Steam pre-discount. Additionally, Final Fantasy II is available for Rs. 550 as well pre-discount on Steam. Lastly, the Final Fantasy III is available for Rs. 850 on Steam pre discount.

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