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Nostalgic Gamers Alert: Contra Is Coming Soon To Android & iOS

- Updated: 29th Jun 2021, 11:10 IST
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    Contra Returns: Availability
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    What To Expect?

For anyone who has been into arcade games way back in the day, there is good news. Konami’s renowned title Contra will soon arrive for both Android and iOS devices. Moreover, the game comes with both Multiplayer and Single player options. So, if you are into classic video games, this game is definitely the way to go. You can enjoy with your friends for hours or choose to enjoy the story alone for a while.

Konami has announced that the classic video game, Contra, will arrive as Contra Returns on July 26. The game takes bits and pieces from the classic side-scrolling arcade and modified it into something extra. Fans of side-scrolling action games as well as classics will surely fall in love with this offering.

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The side scrolling arcade game is developed by Konami in collaboration with Tencent’s TiMi Studios. These are the same developers behind 2017’s Contra: Return. This game was developed and published by Tencent as a Chinese-only version of the classic game.

Contra Returns: Availability

Although Contra Returns will be a new game, whether it will be different from the Chinese version is currently under wraps. Moreover, the game will first launch in the North American region. This will be the first Contra game in the US since 2019’s Contra: Rogue Corps and Contra: Anniversary Collection.

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Contra Returns will be available for download via the Android Google Play Store and Apple App Store from July 26. Moreover, the game has already opened pre-registrations. Players who pre-register now will also get special in-game rewards at the time of release.

For now, nothing is known about the India release of the game. However, for India, Konami would have to collaborate with a different company to release it. Else, the game would meet the same fate that PUBG Mobile met in India last year.

What To Expect?

The new game by Konami will bring quite a few things to the table. Players can expect to see new weapons and characters. Additionally, the revamped version of the classic game will also brings new storylines with a total of over 200 level, which is great. Moreover, the Contra Returns game will feature a graphical overhaul for sure.

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For players who like to take things up a notch, there will be a tougher one-life mode. In this game mode, players have to survive for as long as possible on a single health bar without dying. Additionally, Veteran heroes from the classic Contra game like Bill Rizer and Lance Bean are making a comeback as well. The characters Sheena from Contra 4, Lucia from Contra: Shattered Soldier and Brand Fang are making a return as well.



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