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Foldable iPhone May Use The Display Features Of This Phone

- Updated: 10th May 2022, 18:52 IST
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    How Samsung Got Rid of OLED Screen Polarizer

Even after months of speculation and forecasts by analysts, Apple and foldable iPhone rumours are still circulating. Although the current reports suggest that a foldable iPhone will not be released this year or even next year. The Elec website continues to provide insider information regarding Apple’s intentions for a comparable smartphone. The folding display is the most critical component of a foldable phone, and Apple appears to be taking some lessons from Samsung to get it perfect before moving forward with designs and eventually mass production.

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According to the source, Apple is developing an OLED screen panel without a polarizer that reduces brightness and thickens the display. Samsung investigated this and employed it in the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G folding phone released last year. Apple has been using Samsung screens for the Apple iPhone 13, Apple iPhone 12, and earlier devices, for those who are unaware. If these Samsung flexible OLED screen panels are the same, we might see a foldable iPhone with the same brilliant and premium quality screen in the future. However, this will only happen if the panel passes Apple’s tests.

How Samsung Got Rid of OLED Screen Polarizer

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A polarizer in an OLED display, to put it simply, directs light dispersion and enhances viewing angles. However, it consumes more energy to maintain the same degree of brightness, resulting in a thicker screen. Samsung, on the other hand, did not include a polarizer in the Galaxy Z Fold 3. Instead, as stated in the paper, it printed a colour filter on the thin film and added a black pixel define layer.

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The removal of the polarizer resulted in a 25% reduction in power consumption and a 33% increase in light transmittance. The Z Fold 3 now has a brighter and more accurate display than the Z Fold 2, which had a polarised OLED panel.

Apple is said to be testing such displays, implying that the company is serious about making folding iPhones. Unfortunately, the wait may be longer than anticipated, as recent speculations suggest that a foldable iPhone may not be available until 2025.

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Highlights of the Story

  • Apple and foldable iPhone rumours are still going strong.
  • Apple seems to be testing an OLED screen panel that doesn’t feature a brightness-reducing and panel-thickening polarizer.
  • Although the latest set of rumours indicates that there won’t be a foldable iPhone coming this year or even next year.