If you’re looking for the House of the Dead: Remake tips and tricks, then we’ve got you covered. Sega’s zombie rail shooter game has been a stalwart for many zombie games and rail shooters over the years. This has been an extremely popular game, resulting in movies and spin-off games. With the remake, the developers claim to capture the glory and nostalgia that made the 1997 game so renowned.

The game exclusively arrived on the Nintendo Switch console at the beginning of April 2022 and has now been added to the PC and previous generation consoles. If you’ve been a long-time gamer, this is the perfect time to return to the classic. However, since most gamers today haven’t played the first version of the game, it can be slightly daunting. Additionally, a remake means new controls and mechanics, which may hamper some older gamers too. This is why we’ve curated a bunch of the House of the Dead: Remake tips and tricks to make your zombie killing spree a reality.

Let’s get down to it and check the tips!

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Shooting projectiles

shooting projectiles

Most of the enemies in the House of the Dead: Remake are pretty simple to fend off. They can’t exactly use their brains, so they head towards you, ready to be bullet fodder. However, some of the creatures like Harris are smart enough to throw projectiles at you. These projectiles can take a massive chunk of your health if you aren’t careful enough when dealing with them. One way to deal with the pesky projectile throws is deflecting the projectiles themselves. You can do this by having a quick reaction and shooting at the projectiles whenever possible.

Moreover, this game is a rail shooter and doesn’t allow you to move around the character. The ideal way to deal with these projectiles is to move your crosshairs and shoot on sight.

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Shooting the background

Shooting background objects

That’s right. You can and should shoot the background, trying to hit random objects whenever possible. Why, you ask? The answer is simple. You need points in the game to continue playing after you’ve spent all the tokens.

Moreover, these points give you a high score, even after replaying the game multiple times. Some point levels can be reached to reveal alternate, newer endings. Basically, shooting the background objects such as gold frogs will help you massively increase your point total. A higher point total could lead to better rewards and different endings. While arcade games don’t usually have so much content, the developers have ensured that you get more reasons to play the House of the Dead: Remake even after completing the storyline!

Rescue the scientists

Save the scientists

We know, we know. Saving scientists can be quite a chore. After all, they’re helpless, and you often have to go out of your way to kill the zombies to save the scientists. However, the rewards that the scientists provide are worth the effort. Save enough scientists, and you’ll get access to newer weapons to kill the zombie hordes. Rescuing the scientists also grants you first aid kits that are vital in some game areas. Even if you’re overwhelmed at a particular level, a substantial amount of first aid kits can ease your journey to the next level. A little bit of extra effort can go a long way in this arcade game. This is one of the most crucial the House of the Dead: Remake tips that we can give you!

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Check the game settings

Checking options

As with every PC game, a little tinkering goes a long way to improve gameplay and performance. If you’re playing the PC version, checking the game settings in the Options menu isn’t such a bad idea. Tinker with the graphics options to find the best performance for your PC. If you’re playing on the Nintendo Switch, you can change the controls to Single Joy-Con mode or Double Joy-Con mode, additionally with the gyroscope. Try out both to see what works best for you. More importantly, you should also check the Performance Mode for your Nintendo Switch if you’re facing any drops in the framerate. Rail shooters like this game are meant to be played at 60FPS with little to no hiccups. Favour performance over graphical fidelity.

Enemies have weak spots – exploit them

enemy weak point the house of the dead remake tips

If you’ve watched World War Z or The Walking Dead series, the consensus seems to be that shooting a zombie’s head kills them instantly. While it may be true in the movies and series, the House of the Dead: Remake doesn’t ensure this to be the case. The head isn’t necessarily a weak spot for Curien and his cronies. So, you’ll have to do a bit of research and find the weak spots of the zombies. Always look at the Creature Library before a boss encounter to find what works against this particular monster. The more you exploit the weak points, the faster you’ll complete a level and have time for side quests. Rail shooters just don’t depend on bullet hell, after all. You’ll have to be quick and efficient too.

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So, these were our the House of the Dead: Remake tips and tricks for both novices and veterans. What do you think of these tips? Do you have any particular tips that you’d like to share? If yes, go on and let us know about them in the comment section. If you want more content for this game, drop your suggestions in the comment section!

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