The best Genshin Impact characters will change the way you play the game. Since the game features around 48 characters at the moment, it’s challenging to choose which character you want to use. Moreover, the characters aren’t that easy to acquire either. Nonetheless, if you have the in-game materials required for a character, you’ll have to think…2022-11-09 15:53:437 Best Genshin Impact Characters To Spend Your Primogems On

7 Best Genshin Impact Characters To Spend Your Primogems On


Genshin Impact is one of the most nuanced adventure games you can play today. If you’re a beginner, you shouldn’t spend your Primogems on new, C tier or B tier characters. We’ve curated a list of seven SS tier and S tier characters, that are the best Genshin Impact characters. Save up for them today!

Updated: 9th Nov 2022, 15:53 IST
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The best Genshin Impact characters will change the way you play the game. Since the game features around 48 characters at the moment, it’s challenging to choose which character you want to use. Moreover, the characters aren’t that easy to acquire either. Nonetheless, if you have the in-game materials required for a character, you’ll have to think long and hard about whom you want. After all, acquiring the materials themselves requires a fair bit of grinding.

Genshin Impact has become one of the most famous online action RPGs that you can play today. Apart from the gorgeous visuals, it’s got an excellent soundtrack that genuinely brings the best ambience. In addition, it’s got enough depth and nuance in the gameplay to keep you hooked for a long time. Since the world is open to exploration (at certain levels), there’s plenty of content littered around the game world. Considering all this and the game’s combat, choosing the right character for your playing style is crucial.

Keeping this in mind, let’s look at the best Genshin Impact characters.

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Ayato is possibly one of the strongest characters in the entire game. He’s the head of the Kamisato clan and has insane damage stats. He’s also got a few buffs that strengthen his regular attacks, such as the Suiyuu burst. Moreover, he has the ability to regenerate energy passively. This means that even if his hit points aren’t much for a while, they’re likely to increase within a few minutes of gameplay. The Namisen effect also adds buffs to his other special attacks. Overall, you can’t go wrong with Ayato. He’s one of the best Genshin Impact characters, without a doubt.


Kazuha Genshin Impact

Kazuha is an Inazuma character introduced after the 1.6 update to the game. This character is perfect for teams that use elemental powers, adding a tremendous amount of damage and attacking ability. He’s got multiple builds that you can use, especially considering his Freedom-Sworn weapon. This weapon already has buffs to elemental mastery, and if you use this to your advantage with the Viridescent Venerer artifact set, that’s it. You don’t need to add anything else. With this build and the proper team composition, you’ll be unstoppable.

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Raiden Shogun

Raiden Shogun

If you’re a player who likes to play Support roles, Raiden Shogun has to be the character you opt for. At first, the Genshin Impact community found it difficult to appreciate what she brought to the team. She seemed underwhelming, at best. However, she’s become a favourite now amongst players thanks to the energy she can generate. Moreover, with the proper build, Raiden Shogun is one of the best Genshin Impact characters in the support role.


Ganyu Genshin Impact

If you haven’t heard of or used Ganyu yet, you should check her out as soon as possible. This Genshin Impact character is one of the best DPS characters. If you’re unaware of what DPS is in the game, it’s a character class whose attacks aren’t physical or melee-based. They can attack through elemental reactions or other such skills. With Ganyu, you get exceptionally high damage skillsets and have the powers to freeze enemies in place. Moreover, the enemies receive passive damage upon freezing. Overall, quite the package, right?

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Bennett isn’t rated five stars in the game. So, you must be thinking about how he makes it to the top of Genshin Impact? Simply put, he’s a proper all-rounder in the game. As a support character, he can do pretty much everything. From dealing severe damage with his attacks to healing his teammates, there’s not much he can’t do. Moreover, if you’re adamant about completing the Spiral Abyss floors, you’ll need the versatility that Bennett brings to the table.



Arataki Itto, known better as Itto, is one of the more complex characters to use in the game. However, once you get the hang of using him, there’s no going back. Itto is another character who’s part of the DPS gang. More specifically, he’s a Geo DPS character, and Geo is one of the elements in the game. With Itto, his attack stats are dependent completely on his defence stats.

Furthermore, the defensive stats are dependent on the team composition as well. This means that you’ll need a good team that complements Itto if you want to use him. If you can manage to make the team based around him, you’ll find Itto almost unstoppable.

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Ayaka is one of the more recent characters added to Genshin Impact. In fact, she was added as recently as the 2.0 update. There was some excitement in the Genshin Impact community surrounding her debut and stats. Now that she’s made her debut, fans are delighted. She’s excellent with her attacks and can deal significant damage. However, you’ll probably have to find a better role for her. Who knows? Maybe someone as powerful as her could fill the DPS role in your team!


How did you like our top picks for the best Genshin Impact characters? Since there are so many characters, with more to come in future updates, it can be difficult to pick them. However, if you’re unsure about which characters to spend your precious Primogems on, these seven characters would be a great place to start.

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  • There are 48 characters in Genshin Impact, on various tiers. Since it can be difficult to choose a character, especially by grinding so many Primogems, we’ve covered seven of the best Genshin Impact characters you can invest in.
  • From support characters like Bennett to niche characters like Itto, there’s something for everyone here.

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