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5 Best BGMI Drop Locations For Loot To Elevate Your Gameplay!


Whether you want a serious vantage point at the beginning of the battle royale match or just need the best loot to survive till the end, our picks of the best BGMI drop locations for loot will have you covered for the foreseeable future.

- Updated: 2nd May 2022, 18:40 IST
  • 1
    Sosnovka Military Base, Erangel
  • 2
    Campo Militar, Miramar
  • 3
    Paradise Resort, Sanhok
  • 4
    Cosmodrome, Vikendi
  • 5
    Al Hayik, Karakin
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To survive in the cutthroat online world of BGMI, you need to know the best BGMI drop locations for loot. This is an absolutely essential aspect of the battle royale experience. For players who are new to the game, a good drop location will drastically increase their chances of survival.

With battle royale games like BGMI, the initial drop location becomes a significant factor in matches. Where you drop will either give you plenty of loot or none whatsoever. Places with much loot can also be infested with other players, making it difficult for you to get a head start in the game. Other locations with decent haul might keep you far away from the action of the game and the enclosing play area. So, it’s always a gamble when you’re choosing loot locations. Unless you’re an expert at the game, you’ll need to experiment to find what works for you.

Having said this, we’ve curated a list of the best BGMI drop locations for loot. This will help you get a head start as a beginner in the game.

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Sosnovka Military Base, Erangel

Sosnovka Military Base loot location

Erangel was one of the first-ever maps that were introduced in BGMI (then-PUBG). At this point, this is one of the most recognisable maps, even for those who haven’t played the game. With Erangel, multiple locations can provide you with good loot. However, these locations are privy to all, and you’re likely to go through intense firefights for scrappy leftovers. This is why you should land at Sosnovka Military Base. This is also one of the prime loot locations, but its large area will ensure that you get a bit of breathing space to loot. Moreover, you’re far more likely to receive Level 3 loot in this location.

Campo Militar, Miramar

Campo Militar

Most people believe that the loot found in Campo Militar has been nerfed since recent updates. To some extent, it’s true. You won’t see the same amount of high-level loot in Campo Militar anymore. However, if you can reach there first, it still features some high-level loot for a few squads. This becomes difficult thanks to Campo Militar’s setting at the northeastern corner of the map. Regardless, if you think that the flight path favours a drop to Campo Militar, you should take it with open arms.

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Paradise Resort, Sanhok

Paradise Resort

We’re sure everyone knows of Paradise Resort in Sanhok by now. Nonetheless, this location deserves mention due to the excellent loot you can find here, provided that you can survive the initial chaos. Most people go to Paradise Resort in Sanhok, and there’s no doubt that you’ll have to deal with intense firefights. However, if you can manage to survive, this will set you up beautifully for being in the match’s final stages. No risk, no reward, right?

Cosmodrome, Vikendi


Vikendi isn’t an extensive map. However, it provides decent levels of variety when compared to other BGMI maps. The only issue with Vikendi is that you won’t find too many places for high-level loot. One of the best places for Level 3 gear in Vikendi is the Cosmodrome. It provides plenty of structures to check and loot. Moreover, some buildings with better heights allow you to hold your position in case the need arises. In addition, Cosmodrome features lengths of underground tunnels that can be used for survival if you feel like the enemy is closing in on you.

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Al Hayik, Karakin

Al Hayik best bgmi drop locations for loot

Karakin is one of the more recent maps to be introduced to BGMI. It’s a smaller map compared to the rest and is best for mid-range combat. Considering this, it’s recommended that you go for assault rifles and SMGs instead of the heavier guns meant for long-range combat. In terms of the loot, Al Hayik is a good drop location. It’s one of the smallest places on the map and usually doesn’t see a lot of footfall.

Nonetheless, the map provides enough high-level loot for two to three squads. Of course, you’ll have to be quick and dispatch any enemies you see at the location to retrieve the loot. In any case, this is one of the best BGMI drop locations for loot.


So, these were our picks for the best BGMI drop locations for loot. We’ve picked one location for each map and considered other important factors when choosing the locations. Hopefully, these locations will provide you with the best loot so that you can have a standing chance to complete the match and survive till the end.

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