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5 Pokemon Unite Tips And Tricks To Become A Pokemon Master!


Pokemon Unite’s minimalist MOBA gameplay might seem rather rudimentary. However, it is not. With more updates along the way and a higher player count, the game will only get more nuanced from here. This is why, as a beginner, you should check these Pokemon Unite tips and tricks.

- Updated: 2nd May 2022, 19:55 IST
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    Changing the control schemes
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    Know your (and your Pokemon’s roles)
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    Team Composition
  • 4
    Pokemon difficulty
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    Battle Prep is a must
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If you’ve started playing the MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) hit Pokemon Unite, you know that the game can get pretty challenging. This is why we’ve brought you these precious Pokemon Unite tips and tricks to make your life much easier in the game. The tips and tricks are essential because the game tends to get overwhelming during intense battles.

When Pokemon Unite was released in 2021, it was clear that the game had taken inspiration from classics like DOTA 2. The MOBA gameplay wasn’t as nuanced as the ones you find in other games of this genre. Nonetheless, the gameplay was faithful to the elements of Pokemon and featured enough depth to attract intermediate to expert players as well. Since its release, the game has brought in more Pokemon and refined the gameplay even further. Now, it’s one of the best games and is attracting more players daily. With this increase in player count, the difficulty has risen too.

Keeping this in mind, we hope that you’ll find our tips and tricks to be quite helpful. Let’s check them out now.

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Changing the control schemes

Changing control schemes Pokemon Unite

The control scheme for Pokemon Unite isn’t too complex. There’s a good reason for this as well. The developers wanted more players to enjoy their game and kept the controls on the more accessible side for people to adjust. However, once you’ve gotten the hang of the gameplay, you should change the control scheme to something more advanced. For example, two different attack buttons target either wild Pokemon or the opponent team’s Pokemon. Target locking also features in the game with extra controls.

Know your (and your Pokemon’s roles)

Pokemon Unite role

In the game, not every Pokemon is the same. Some are balanced and well-rounded in terms of defence and offence. Others are better at either attacking or defending. Some of the rarer Pokemon offer better support in terms of healing and dealing passive damage. There are multiple Pokemon that are suited to different roles. These roles are also based on what you do in a team context. For example, you can’t use a Defender pokemon and expect to work well on the frontlines. Know your role and work your Pokemon according to the said role.

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Team Composition

Team composition

This is a bit of an extension of the previous point. Team composition is an integral part of the MOBA genre. If most of your team is filled with Attackers, you will not win the match despite how much damage you deal. This is why you need to ensure that your team’s composition is balanced. For example, if everyone has picked a Defender type Pokemon, go for a Speedster or Attacker. These Pokemon will help you score the required goals and attack the opponents quickly.

Pokemon difficulty

Pokemon Difficulty

Considering the sizeable range of Pokemon that are available for selection in the game, you have plenty of options. However, an issue arises when beginners use Pokemon with Expert difficulties. In such situations, they aren’t able to perform and never quite get into the game’s rhythm. If you are a beginner, ensure that you choose Pokemon that has Novice difficulty. Any higher, and you will not be able to control them to their full potential. Novice difficulty Pokemon will be the best option for you to get the hang of the game.

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Battle Prep is a must

Battle Prep

If you’re serious about getting into the groove of the MOBA genre, you need to know the strengths of your Pokemon. It would help if you also strategised beforehand with your teammates. As fun as the gameplay is, the more critical aspect of the game is strategising correctly. After you’re done choosing your Pokemon for a particular match, you can go into the Battle Prep window of the game. Here, you can get more information on your Pokemon, including their movesets.

Moreover, you can pick the lane through which your Pokemon will attack. Specific attack lanes work differently for various Pokemon.


So, these were our best Pokemon Unite tips and tricks for beginners. Follow these tips, especially if you’re a beginner, and you’ll begin to see results much faster than expected. If you want to know tips or tricks for intermediate players, let us know in the comments. With more additions to the game, the bigger the likelihood of more tips!

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  • With Pokemon Unite refining the MOBA gameplay, it’s time to know the best Pokemon Unite tips and tricks.
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