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Fortnite LEGO Mode: Release Date, Skins And More

- Updated: 21st Jan 2024, 17:29 IST
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    LEGO Fortnite Event Release Date & Time
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    LEGO Fortnite New Skins
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    What Is The LEGO Game Mode?

The LEGO Fortnite is just around the corner as the two companies collaborate to offer a new mode for players. With the release of the Chapter 5 Season 1 update in Fortnite, Epic is bringing a new game mode, LEGO Fortnite, with new skins and gameplay elements for players.

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This game mode replaces all the buildings and environments with LEGO bricks, allowing players to explore the open world with a new perspective. The LEGO Fortnite game mode also brings new skins and outfits for characters.

LEGO Fortnite Event Release Date & Time

LEGO Fortnite Event Brings LEGO Styled Open World to Fortnite

The Fortnite LEGO event will be released on December 7, 2023, and the downtime for the servers will start at 3 AM Eastern Time, with matchmaking disabled 30 minutes before.

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The servers are likely to be back online by 7 AM ET, although due to the launch of a new game mode, it could take longer than expected. Furthermore, the updated size of the game will be 2.3GB of PS4 and 3GB of PS5.

In addition, Xbox and Nintendo Switch players can expect a download size of 2.97GB and 1.5GB, respectively. There is no information on the size of the update on the PC.

LEGO Fortnite New Skins

LEGO Fortnite New Skins

More than 1,200 Fortnite skins will get the new LEGO treatment, which will be available with the launch of this game mode. Players will be able to choose a LEGO-style skin for their outfit, with Epic planning to add more skins in the future.

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Furthermore, you can receive a free Explorer Emilie Fortnite skin by linking your Epic Account with your LEGO account. This skin will be available in the game on December 7.

What Is The LEGO Game Mode?

The LEGO Fortnite mode will be an open-world mode that will function similarly to Minecraft. Players must build their houses and fortify their defences in the morning to protect themselves from monsters and wildlife at night.

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This open-world mode will allow everyone to craft items, gather resources, tame wildlife and explore new areas. There will be a health and energy system with camps to restore them.

Furthermore, players can have their own pets and vehicles for exploring the island. There will also be vendors and mines to get new resources.

Some items include the LEGO Stud Gun, Workbenches, Beds, Fences, Catapults and prankster Catapults, Map Markers, Ziplines and Trinkets. There will also be new LEGO Fortnite skins with the mode.

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It will also bring four different glasses: Adventurer, Dreamer, Explorer and Homesteader. There will be 16 players in each match apart from crossplay functionality, allowing you to enjoy the new mode with your friends irrespective of their platform.

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Highlights of the Story

  • Fortnite is introducing a new game in collaboration with LEGO.
  • This new open-world game mode will be available from 3 AM ET on December 7.
  • Players can also claim the Explorer Emilie Fortnite by linking their LEGO account with Epic Games.