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Google Chrome’s Most Recent Update Patched Another Zero-Day Vulnerability

- Updated: 28th Mar 2022, 08:25 IST
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Attention, Google Chrome users: Google has just released another update to its Chrome web browser to address a zero-day vulnerability. Users should make sure that their systems are up to date as soon as possible to prevent any attacks. However, a zero-day vulnerability in Google Chrome is not all set. Earlier this week, Google released the second major update for its Chrome browser, which resolves a zero-day vulnerability.

What Happened?

Earlier this month, we learnt about the zero-day Chrome flaw that state-sponsored hackers located in North Korea can view for a little over a month until google provided a fix in mid-February. In one scenario, the hacker misled the unsuspecting using hacked existing websites and those they’d mimicked by obtaining identical domain names. There’s a new Chrome zero-day in 2022, and Google is releasing yet another update to address it.

According to Google’s notice, a Type Confusion vulnerability in Chrome’s V8 component was discovered by an anonymous researcher who contacted the company. To be more specific, V8 is an open-source JavaScript engine that serves as the foundation of Google’s Chromium project. Therefore, any possible weakness in such a vital component can harm all Chromium-based browsers due to the vulnerability (like Microsoft Edge).

Google has acknowledged that it has discovered active exploitation of CVE-2022-1096. As a result, they have acted quickly to correct the problem before it may have even more disastrous consequences. However, due to the flaw’s severity, this browser version has addressed just one vulnerability, demonstrating the magnitude of its impact.

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Read More on Zero-Day Update!


The Chrome desktop version 99.0.4844.84 is now available for download. It is for all Windows, Mac, and Linux users by the technology behemoth. As a result, it is now the responsibility of users to upgrade their systems as soon as possible to prevent any potential exploitation. Furthermore, to avoid the problem from spreading further, Google has withheld any more information regarding the vulnerability from the public domain.

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The first significant Chrome update occurred last month (February 2022). When Chrome’s desktop browser version 98.0.4758.102 patched the first zero-day vulnerability of 2022 – CVE-2022-0609 – and made it more secure.

However, as previously stated, it was a high-severity usage following a free fault in the Animation software. Furthermore, according to google’s verification, the vulnerability is being actively exploiting in nature. It has therefore advised users to update their software as soon as possible.

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Google has just patched a slew of zero-day vulnerabilities. 2021 proved to be a very active year in this respect. Also with the tech giant announcing at most minuscule 14 zero-days throughout the year. Given that several of those flaws were in the same V8 component, developers must pay closer attention and take prompt action to prevent more damage.


Highlights of the Story

  • Google uncovered 11 security issues, including a vulnerability to zero-day attacks discovered by the search engine.
  • Chrome’s Stable channel has been updated to include patches for the security problems discovered.
  • It’s time to upgrade to the newest version of Google Chrome, issued by the company.