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Google Meet Companion Mode Coming Soon

- Updated: 17th Jun 2021, 22:30 IST
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    When Will Companion Mode Come?

Google Meet will get a new ‘Companion Mode’ feature via an update that will allow users to add remote members with the help of an additional screen. Remote members can use the Companion Mode to get all of the advanced interactive features that members who are physically there can use.

This change aims to make hybrid meetings more balanced for all participants. Especially when some members are physically in the office whereas others work from home or from distant co-working locations. Google Meet on the Web will be the first to receive the update, followed by the mobile application. Google also states that the company will be making background noise reduction available to a wider range of users.

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At the Google I/O conference in May 2021, the new Companion Mode for Google Meet was shown. In a Google Cloud blog post, more information regarding the new feature for the virtual meetings app was revealed. According to the blog post, “Companion Mode gives every meeting participant, no matter where they are, access to interactive features and controls like screen sharing, polls, in-meeting chat, hand raising, Q&A, live captioning, and more.”

Google Meet Companion Mode

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When Will Companion Mode Come?

“Colleagues in the same meeting room together will enable Companion Mode on their personal devices, giving them their own video tile in Meet and assisting them in staying connected with their remote peers,” according to the blog post. Companion Mode will be accessible in September over the web and in the future progressive Web app. And it’ll be arriving in smartphones soon, according to Google’s blog post.

Participants will also be allowed to respond to meetings by selecting Yes, in a meeting room or Yes, joining virtually as their joining place.

Google is also constantly making Meet more safe and secure. Meet lets admins control who may join conferences and how participants interact with one another within them. 

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Background noise reduction in Google Meet is now available to Workspace Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Essentials, and Enterprise Standard. From August 9, it will be available by default for these users, as well as Enterprise Plus users. This feature was available to only Enterprise Plus and Education Plus users until Google made it available to all users.