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Pin Conversations, Star Messages – Google Messages Gets New Features

- Updated: 31st May 2021, 20:27 IST
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    Pin Conversation Feature
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    Star Messages Feature

Ever since the launching of RCS, Google has made significant efforts to improve its Messages app. There have been modifications, updates, and additions to the features. Another one appears to be on the way, thanks to an APK teardown by the XDA Developers team.

The option to star specific messages as well as pin conversations to the top of the chat list are two of the new features. Google introduced out end-to-end encryption for Android devices using Google Messages in November, making it more difficult for others to read the messages’ content.

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This latest Google Messages update seems to have a version number of 8.1.050 and is now rolling out on Google Play.  Both of these upcoming features have strings in the teardown, indicating that they will be released in the future. Of course, any strings in the lockdown are merely an indication that the company is working on the feature and do not guarantee that it will be released. During the development process, Google might choose to remove these features and never offer them publicly.

Pin Conversation Feature

Nevertheless, Google seems to be working on a new feature known as “pin conversation” for Google Messages. According to XDA, users can pin up to three chats to the top of the chatting list, allowing them to see them right away whenever they open the app. At the time, the reports indicate that three conversations can be pinned. However, Google may decrease or raise the number of chats that could be pinned in the future.

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Star Messages Feature

Google Messages is testing another feature known to be star messages. This will enable people to star certain messages in a chat that they believe are important. All of these starred messages should appear in their own section, but the exact format isn’t yet known. Users may be able to access starred messages using search in the future, according to XDA. These features haven’t gone live yet and were discovered in the code. There’s no word on when they’ll be available.

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