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Google Pixel Buds Pro Will Be Soon Available In India With ANC

- Updated: 10th Jul 2022, 14:06 IST
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    Google Buds Pro Availability
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At the Google IO 2022 conference in May, the Google Pixel Buds Pro was unveiled. The Pixel Buds were introduced in 2020. Whereas, the Buds Pro was introduced as its replacement and improvement. The company also debuted the Google Pixel 6A and displayed the Google Pixel 7 5G series, Google Pixel Watch, and Google Pixel Tablet in addition to the Pixel Buds Pro announcement.

The company has said that the Pixel 6a and Pixel Buds Pro will be among these goods that will be on sale in July.  We have confirmation that the Pixel 6a will go on sale in India “Later this year,” but there is no information about the Google Pixel Buds Pro.

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Google Buds Pro Availability

Google Pixel Buds Pro

Google’s madebygoogle has provided information on the Pixel Buds Pro pre-order and availability. And when a person inquired in the comments section about the product’s availability in India, the official handle responded, “Thanks for reaching out. The Pixel Buds Pro will go on sale in 13 countries, including India, on July 28, 2022. Pre-orders go up on the Google Store on July 21. Follow us for more news and updates, please!”.

This verifies the Google Pixel Buds Pro’s availability in India, and we can assume that, like the majority of other Google items, the TWS will be available on Flipkart as well.

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We may anticipate that the Google Chromecast with Google TV, which recently appear on Flipkart, will be readily accessible in India.


Active noise cancellation and an immersive audio experience are features of the Pixel Buds Pro. On the inside, the TWS has a 6-core audio processor that was specially manufactured. It runs algorithms created by Google and is tweaked by Google’s in-house audio engineering team. The Silent Seal feature on the Buds Pro helps to maximise the amount of noise that is cancelled by adapting to the user’s ear. In order to provide a secure fit, the built-in sensors will detect the pressure in the ear canal.

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The Buds Pro is likely to last up to 11 hours without ANC and up to 7 hours with ANC on a single charge. These buds may last up to 31 hours when used with the accompanying case. Additionally, they include a built-in Google Assistant and offer real-time translation in 40 different languages. Transparency mode, wireless charging, becoming mics, multipoint connectivity, volume EQ, and touch control are additional features.


Highlights of the Story

  • The Google Pixel Buds Pro was announced at the Google IO 2022 conference back in May.
  • Moreover, its successor that is Google Pixel Buds Pro will be launching soon.
  • These earbuds will come with an active noise cancellation feature.