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How To Not Get Banned in Call of Duty Mobile

By Yeti - 
24th Feb 2021
COD Mobile anti-cheat measures now in place

Call of Duty Mobile, also known as COD Mobile, is a popular online battle royale game competing with the likes of PUBG Mobile and Garena Free Fire. Since its launch, COD Mobile has stayed in the limelight due to its unique playstyle and game modes.

While most of the players simply play the game, some users make use of third party applications to gain an unfair advantage. Having said that, Activision is actively working to ban users using these type of apps.

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The company has laid down some groundrules and have effectively put an anti cheat system in place. Let us take a look at what COD Mobile has done to prevent cheaters to keep in check.

COD Mobile anti-cheat measures now in place

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How can you get banned on COD Mobile?

  1. Starting off with crosshair apps, the company has said that they will ban any players who make use of modified crosshairs and apps that allow the same.
  2. Also, any apps that enable players to use the keyboard and mouse will also be banned.
  3. If you use an emulator to match up with COD mobile players, now is the right time to stop doing so. Activision can easily detect the emulators and ban these players.
  4. In a move that might come as a surprise, the company will also ban VPN users.
  5. Players who make use of modified COD Mobile client will be immediately banned.
  6. Last but not the least, players using skin scripts or any kind of hack that lets you modify textures will also be banned.

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If you want to stay unbanned on COD Mobile, we advise you not to make use of any third-party applications that might interfere or modify the game in any way.


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