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Krafton Further Strengthens Security Against BGMI Cheaters with these Measures

- Updated: 1st Oct 2021, 14:49 IST
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    BGMI Anti-Cheat Notice: Additional Measures
    • In-Depth Analysis of Top Ranked BGMI Players
    • Prevention of Cheat Programs Advertising
    • Further Strengthening the Game’s Security Levels

Krafton has recently been facing a ton of problems in BGMI when it comes to hackers. The game makers have recently been on a permanent account banning spree. As of now, they have had to ban a staggering 1.52 million accounts in India. These accounts were mostly banned because of suspicious activity. Now, Krafton further dives deep into this matter and decides to roll out additional measures to further strengthen the security of the game.

The problem with hacking is not just its unethical aspect. There are hundreds and thousands of hard working YouTubers and other content creators who are constantly pushing for a healthy environment in BGMI. Hacking only causes the community to get frustrated for it renders all the hard work that these players put into the game, practically useless.

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BGMI Anti-Cheat Notice: Additional Measures

BGMI Gameplay

The additional measures that Krafton will be taking in order to make BGMI a more fun experience for legit gamers are as follows:

In-Depth Analysis of Top Ranked BGMI Players

BGMI developers will now analyse the top ranking players on the leaderboard. Besides, in-depth sweeps shall be conducted to track any suspicious activity in these accounts. In case these accounts are found guilty of cheating or using other hacks, the accounts shall be permanently banned.

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Moreover, another thing that Krafton has stated that all those BGMI players who have cheated in the past shall be receiving permanent bans as well. This is to further prevent these players resort to hacks in the future even if they are not using it currently.

Prevention of Cheat Programs Advertising

Krafton will take strict measures against in-game profiles that promote hacks or distribute these illegitimate programs via promotional videos found on other websites. In such a scenario, the BGMI account will receive a permanent ban. In addition, the channel which was advertising such content shall receive a ban as well.

Further Strengthening the Game’s Security Levels

Moreover, Krafton will continue to work towards improving the anti-ban system of the game. They shall do so upon in-depth analysis of the hacking player accounts. All of this is to support their stand against cheating in the game.

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Recently, a ton of professional players have been complaining about there being too many hackers in matches. Krafton has been against the very concept of hacking in the game from the very start. With these measures, they are further reiterating their stand against banning in BGMI.