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CoD Mobile Season 8 New Events, Game Mode, Weapon and More Incoming

- Updated: 27th Sep 2021, 07:01 IST
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    CoD Mobile Season 8: Incoming Events

Activision recently rolled out their CoD Mobile Season 8 update on September 23, 2021. Now, this particular update is not like every other seasonal monthly update in the game. Call of Duty Mobile Season 8 marks the completion of the game’s 2nd Anniversary. So, we are getting mostly 2nd Anniversary themed events and now, more such events are on the way.

Further, CoD Mobile Season 8 finally introduced a brand new Battle Royale map in the game. The brand new map is called Blackout and was first seen back in 2019’s Call of Duty Black Ops IV. The multiplayer battle royale map was requested a lot by the community and now, it is finally in the game. There is a major difference in the terrain of the classic BR map and Blackout. Blackout has more open areas and looks brighter as well.

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CoD Mobile Season 8: Incoming Events

CoD Mobile Season 8 2nd Anniversary Events

In addition, the game will also be introducing 2nd Anniversary themed events like the Sweet Celebration event are coming soon. We will also get the Global Weapon Exchange, Deadly Weaponry and Anniversary Puzzle events soon. All these events are set to arrive on October 1, 2021, in the game. Currently, the Oktoberfest, Counterattack and Monster Shotty events are live. These events are offering an epic MX9, Epic AS VAL and more such rewards.

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The game will introduce the M13 assault rifle early October. Additionally, we will also get a brand new perk called Iron Lungs early October as well. Then, 10 versus 10 Attack of the Undead event will kick off mid-October. Further, early October, we will get to see the Global Weapon Exchange event. Mid October, we shall be seeing the much anticipated Payout Search and Destroy mode. Meanwhile, the in-game credit store will be getting an update as well, which shall bring the Ruin – Jaguar character skin.

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