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Made-in-India Silly World Season 2 will have these Squid Game-Inspired Game Modes

- Updated: 18th Dec 2021, 17:26 IST
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    Silly World Squid Game Inspired Season 2 Game Modes

Remember when a Made-in-India game broke multiple records and garnered over 750,000 pre-registrations? Yes, we are talking about Silly World and its Squid Game-inspired game modes. Season 1 of the newly added Squid Game game modes was a massive success. Now, we are all set to get Silly World Season 2 which shall offer new Squid Game-inspired modes!

SuperGaming, the mastermind behind the game, took to their official YouTube channel to reveal a sneak peek. These sneak peeks offered an insight into what the new game modes will look and feel like. Season 1 saw up to 2.7 million players getting killed by the doll in the Squid Game Red Light, Green Light game mode. Here’s a quick look into the game modes arriving in Silly World Season 2.

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Silly World Squid Game Inspired Season 2 Game Modes

In Season 1 of Silly World’s Squid Game-inspired content, we got to see Red Light, Green Light. The popular Squid Game Red Light, Green Light game mode arrived to the game. In here, there is a doll facing a tree. The mechanical doll hums a tune every time it turns its back towards the tree.

Players will then have to make a move to the finish line. However, if the doll stops and suddenly turns around and a player makes a move, the doll will detect that player’s movement and he or she shall be killed. This interesting elimination game was enacted really well in Silly World’s Squid Royale and hence, took the internet by storm.

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Silly World Squid Game Tug o War Game Mode

Now, the game developers have posted a Silly Word Season 2 showcase of game modes. We will get two additional game modes. These are Tug of War and Honeycomb Dalgona. In addition, we will also get to see a 40 player Squid Royale mode. As the name suggests, we will get a proper battle royale experience of sorts. Here’s a quick rundown of everything that is new in Silly World Season 2:

  • 40-player Squid Royale game mode.
  • Honeycomb Dalgona game mode.
  • Squid Game Tug of War.
  • Streamer Mode.
  • Referral program which allows players to earn gems. Gems are Silly World’s premium currency. Invite your friends and win these.
  • Leaderboards.
  • New epic skins, namely, VIP Bull, VIP Stag, VIP Lion, and Santa.
  • Voice chat in public matches is now possible.

Moreover, players get a chance to win super premium rewards like a PS5. All you have to do is join the official Silly Royale’s discord server and battle it out with the best players. A 22-year-old man named Sagar Sharma from Meerut won an iPhone 13 Pro 256GB during Silly Royale IRL by securing 110 wins in the game mode. When Season 2 ends, IRL will be held again in January, 2022, in Pune.

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Highlights of the Story

  • Silly World is a Made-in-India mobile game.
  • The game brought Squid Game-inspired Squid Royale game modes sometime back.
  • We got to see the Squid Game Red Light, Green Light game mode and now, Tug-O-War and other modes are arriving in Season 2.

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