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PUBG New State Players will Get Free Rewards For Next Three Weeks – Here’s How

- Updated: 18th Dec 2021, 14:45 IST
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    PUBG New State Free Rewards: What More?

P{UBG New State was supposed to get its very first MASSIVE update back on December 9, 2021. However, the update got delayed and the game was down for maintenance. Finally, after a long wait, players can enjoy the brand new and first big update of PUBG New State. The fun does not end there!

Krafton, the game maker, has announced a ton of free in-game rewards for players of the game. The new event is called PUBG New State Weekend Surprise. There’s more in store for players as well. Here’s a quick look at it all.

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PUBG New State Free Rewards: What More?

PUBG New State Login Event Rewards

The upcoming next three weekends are going to be reward-packed for players. Moreover, all players have to do to get these rewards is just log in. Yes, by only logging in, players will be receiving some pretty good in-game rewards. One thing to note is that players need to log in on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays at 5:30AM IST to get the rewards. The rewards will only be rolled out on weekends.

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Upon logging in, players will receive an in-game mail. They will have to claim the rewards from this mail. Another important thing to note here is that if players do not claim these rewards within 24 hours, they expire. In addition, these will be completely random rewards. So, it pretty much comes down to luck about what you will be getting.

These rewards will be randomly generated and can include Chicken Medals, Royale Chest Tickets, BP 5,000 and more. In addition, a login event has recently been announced by Krafton. This new PUBG New State event will offer you Chicken Medals and BP Random Boxes on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Just log in every day from today to receive these rewards. Here’s what you will get on each of these days:

Saturday (December 18, 2021): 3x Chicken Medal

Sunday (December 19, 2021): 1x BP Random Box (M)

Monday (December 20, 2021): 3x Chicken Medal

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Highlights of the Story

  • PUBG New State maintenance has finally come to an end.
  • Players can now enjoy the game’s very first massive update.
  • The game developers are now offering free in-game rewards for the next three weekends.