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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and Wolverine Dominates PlayStation Showcase 2021

- Updated: 10th Sep 2021, 15:50 IST
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    Marvel’s Spider-Man 2
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    Marvel’s Wolverine

Insomniac Games has unveiled their Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, during the PlayStation Showcase 2021 event. The game is finally happening and what more, we see both Peter Parker and Miles Morales teaming up in the game via the trailer. The trailer showcases actual footage recorded from a PlayStation 5. If that was not enough, Insomniac Games went on a roll to unveil another one of their projects, Marvel’s Wolverine.

Now, everyone was aware that the studio was working on a new Spider-Man game. However, it came as a complete surprise to all the gamers out there to witness the Wolverine trailer. Moreover, with a track record of zero flops and all hits, Insomniac Games is expected to do tremendous justice to one of the most popular Marvel superheroes ever created.

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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

Insomniac Games has had a hit track record so far with each and every title making it huge in the realm of console gaming. Marvel’s Spider-Man and then, Spider-Man Miles Morales were back-to-back hits and moreover, the studio even proved that it could turn anything it touches to gold with Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart.

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At the point, the studio has made quite a name for itself and when people saw Spider-Man 2 make an appearance, they were blown away. The community has been requesting Insomniac Games to come up with a game which sees both Miles Morales and Peter Parker fighting alongside. Seems like their pleas did not go unnoticed as the Spider-Man 2 trailer showcases exactly that.

If that was not enough, towards the end, Venom makes an appearance as well. Venom is hands down the most popular villain in the Spider-Man universe. Doctor Octopus and Sand-Man follow its popularity. However, the revelation of Venom as a villain in the game came in as great news.

Marvel’s Wolverine

Moving on to Wolverine, although the trailer was brief, it was enough. There are two things which has instantly led to the hype surrounding the game, making it an overnight sensation. Firstly, it is Wolverine game and secondly, it is made my Insomniac Games, who were behind massive hits like Spider-Man, Spider-Man Miles Morales and now, Spider-Man 2.

The trailer starts off with a post bar-fight setting where the bar has been pretty much torn apart because of the fight. We now see a man slowly getting up and heading towards a mysterious character seated on a bar stool. Now, the cinematic sequence shifts to this mysterious man in a hat’s hands. Then, we see the Admantium Claws come out of the man’s hands hinting that its Wolverine.


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The last good Wolverine game that we had was the X-Men Origins: Wolverine official game. This game is underrated and regarded as one of the best Marvel games ever made for PC and consoles. Now, the announcement of a Wolverine game makes everything all the more better. More so as no one expected a Wolverine game, that too by Insomniac Games to make an appearance on the PlayStation Showcase 2021. We are definitely looking forward to both the upcoming Spider-Man 2 and Wolverine titles eagerly.