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Mastodon Gets An Official iPhone App Finally

- Updated: 31st Jul 2021, 12:22 IST
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    Mastodon: What Else?

Mastodon is a decentralized social network site, which finally has an official iPhone app now. The non-profit organisation which has developed Mastodon launched the iPhone app today. Moreover, this came in as a supplement to an already existing web version. Additionally, it will also replace the ton of third-party apps out there for iOS, Android and other platforms.

The good thing is that the app is free and offers very similar features to Mastodon’s core service. However, it does not feature the social networking service’s broad local and streamline timelines. That has to be accessed via the web version of the app. The primary objective behind rolling out the app is to get new users of the social network service on board.

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Mastodon has a very similar look to Twitter. However, the mechanics on which is runs is unique and different. The social networking service is built around communities that are independently run instead of a single central network. Moreover, users can create an account on a community of their choice and still be able to follow and reach out to people from other communities.

This is something very new to the people and rolling out an iOS app for it will only allow people to smoothly enter the uniquely designed realm of social networking that the app provides. Additionally, according to CEO of Mastodon, Eugen Rochko, an Android app is under development. However, an official date for the release of the Android app is currently under wraps.

Mastodon: What Else?

Mastodon Logo Design

The iOS app for Mastodon comes with a ton of features. These features include support for polls and sensitive content filters. Additionally, the app page also makes sure to put some vital pieces of information out there for the fellow users. It highlights its key differences with Twitter by stating the app’s ad-free and chronological timeline.

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However, users of the app will not come across a seperate section for local and federated timelines. Instead, there is Mastodon’s firehose for all public posts right from your home community. Moreover, it also shows posts from the communities of people linked with it.

According to Rochko, these very timelines came as a suboptimal way of discovering new content. However, excluding them also reduced the potential for the app to conflict right up with Apple. This has required certain social networks to limit what their users can find via browsing through their apps.

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