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More People Adopting To Windows 11 Now? Find Out Here!

- Updated: 29th Jan 2022, 21:00 IST
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    Windows 11 January Usage Report is Nuts!
    • It is still impressive!

Microsoft Windows 11 went official back in October, 2022. However, the brand new operating system by the tech giant definitely had a rough start. Several users started complaining about the numerous bugs and glitches that made their experience terrible. If that was not enough, a report also revealed how Windows 11 for gaming was a bad idea. Seems like none of that really mattered because, the latest OS is apparently going strong.

A brand new report by XDA Developers brings something vital to our notice. They basically penned down their report on the basis of the January usage report of AdDuplex. So, what is the BIG revelation? Let’s find out!

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Windows 11 January Usage Report is Nuts!

First things first, AdDuplex is a company that offers an advertising framework for the apps listed on the Microsoft Store. Coming back to their report, it reveals that the userbase of the new OS has doubled since November, 2021.

Backing it up by numbers, the report reveals that the userbase has gone up from 8.6% of total users to a staggering 16.1%. That is literally double of what was recorded before. Recently, Microsoft stated something similar as well. They revealed how Windows 11 was getting adopted by users faster than Windows 10.

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Moreover, the tech giant also revealed how customer satisfaction stats with the new OS was significantly better. In fact, it is the highest of any Windows OS. However, there is a catch. There is ALWAYS a catch, isn’t there?

This particular report is based on a sample size of 60,000 systems. If you consider that, then the sample size is tiny. Besides, it only considers those systems that can run the latest AdDuplex SDK. This directly hints at only Windows 10 and 11 systems being used for the data. Windows 7 and 8 users have surely not been considered.

It is still impressive!

However, if you do overlook those things and look on the brighter side, it is indeed impressive. For an operating system that was not perceived well upon release, it is doing pretty well. Moreover, Mircrosoft is already planning on rolling out a big update for the new OS. That will definitely take it to a whole new level.

The gaming issues, optimisation issues, all of them will be dealt with via the update, hopefully. They are already working towards enhancing the Android apps and games support on the new OS. In the near future, we are most likely looking at Microsoft’s biggest numbers till date.

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