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Netflix Comes With A New and Exciting Change: Details Here

- Updated: 11th May 2022, 17:19 IST
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    Company’s Shrinking Film Library
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    Top 10 Netflix Movies

Although it is not exactly a “great reset,” a series of events results in a substantial shift for the world’s largest streaming service. Partly as a result of confronting more capable streaming rivals than ever, the firm is preparing an ad-supported tier and laying off personnel. Meanwhile, subscribers have become increasingly vocal about their dissatisfaction with price rises. A crackdown on password sharing is also on the way, and trash titles (such as bad reality series) are more common than ever on the site. Over the last several years, Netflix movies have been rapidly vanishing off the service.

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In reality, the extent to which the company has reduced its movie catalogue may surprise you. What’s On Netflix conducted an examination of such movies in the United States, which discovered, among other things, that there were 4,751 films available to stream in May 2015.

Company’s Shrinking Film Library


Netflix’s largest market is, unsurprisingly, the United States. It’s also where the amount of movies accessible to stream has dropped nearly 40% since 2015. Only over 3,000 videos are available to US members now, with 1,735 having left the site since mid-2015.

That may appear to be a significant decline, but bear in mind something else.

During this time, the company has increased its own original film production, releasing films including Red Notice, The Adam Project, and 365 Days: This Day, which is now the top English-language Netflix film worldwide. In other words, when you exclude the originals that the company has added to the pile over the same time period, the reduction in Netflix movies from the accessible inventory is much more dramatic.

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But, more significantly, what is the implication? For some customers, this may give the impression that they are paying more for less over time. Especially if those customers are cinephiles, because movies were, after all, what Netflix was established on in the beginning. In fact, it’s right there in the product’s name, in the second syllable.

Top 10 Netflix Movies

Of course, over time, the balance has shifted to the point that Netflix’s TV episodes receive considerably more attention and criticism from the press and global consumers than its movies. You may get Proof in the most recent Netflix global Top 10 listings.

Let’s see how the Top 10 English-language Netflix series compared to the Top 10 English-language movies for the week ending May 1. According to Netflix’s most recent publicly accessible data, the below-mentioned Top 10 Netflix movies received a little over 158 million hours of viewing time worldwide.

But what about Netflix TV shows? There have been about 270 million hours of viewing time.

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As a method of asserting more control over its future, the company must now produce engaging original content, including movies. This material includes the originals listed below, which are the top 10 English-language films on the streaming service for the last seven days.

  1. 365 Days: This Day — 77.9 million hours viewed
  2. Silverton Siege — 20.2 million hours viewed
  3. The Mystery of Marilyn Monroe: The Unheard Tapes — 15.3 million hours viewed
  4. 365 Days — 10 million hours viewed
  5. The Vault — 6.6 million hours viewed
  6. How It Ends — 6.6 million hours viewed
  7. The In-Between — 6 million hours viewed
  8. The Adam Project — 5.6 million hours viewed
  9. Sonic the Hedgehog — 4.9 million hours viewed
  10. Shrek — 4.5 million hours viewed


Highlights of the Story

  • It’s not quite a “great reset,” but a confluence of factors has brought about a significant moment of change in Netflix.
  •  The degree to which Netflix has pared down its movie library might actually surprise you.
  • The onus now is really on Netflix to churn out compelling original content, including movies, as a means of exerting more control over its destiny.