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FiiO Launches Professionally-Tuned JD3 Single Dynamic Driver IEM

- Updated: 9th May 2022, 15:55 IST
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    Specifications of FiiO Earbuds
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    Key features of JD3

FiiO has officially launched the JD3 Single Driver In-Ear Monitor, which has been properly adjusted. Moreover, the JD3 is a fantastic choice for audiophiles looking for a set of real IEMs, with a premium aluminium and stainless steel unibody and professionally-tuned drivers for the optimum audio performance.

FiiO chose solid stainless steel as the material of choice for the JD3. As it prioritizes build quality. Steel allows the smart unibody design’s laborious craftsmanship to completely shine and positively radiate with vitality. In addition, a semi-open acoustic design for a balanced relief system enables the most enjoyable listening experiences. By enabling the drivers to move as needed, the air pressure inside each bud greatly lowers distortion and creates pure bass.

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Specifications of FiiO Earbuds

The design relieves pressure on your eardrums, making it more comfortable to wear for lengthy periods of time. Moreover, the earphones are built with ease of use in mind. For simple identification of each audio channel — Left and Right ear, respectively — the earbuds include Blue and Red grilles. Finally, by employing durable and high-grade braided cables and aluminum alloys for the 3.5mm audio connector and in-line controls. In addition, the design assures a quality standard throughout the device.

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Fiio’s audio engineers have diligently collaborated to guarantee that the JD3 meets all of an audiophile’s expectations. Moreover, the IEMs have a pair of 9.2mm diaphragm drivers that offer outstanding sound with deep bass, luscious mids, and vivid treble. The voice coils are of CCAW, which is a lightweight material with a high sensitivity of 107 dB/mW and is easy to operate. The earbuds also include two chambers, a sound-absorbing arrangement, and strong neodymium magnets that provide great bass transient performance. These IEMs is carefully adjusting to produce audio that sounds more natural and is more detailed for greater resolution.

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The FiiO JD3 Single Dynamic IEM has an MRP of 1699 and is available now at and other prominent online and retail outlets.

Key features of JD3

  • Unibody Stainless Steel Construction
  • 9.2m composite dynamic drivers
  • Powerful neodymium magnets
  • Semi-Open Acoustic Design
  • HD Microphone and In-Line Design
  • Aluminium Alloy Audio Plug
  • Left “Blue” and Right “Red” for easy channel recognition
  • In the box: Silicon Ear Tips *4 pairs (SS/S/M/L), After Sales Maintenance Card, 1 * M Size Ear Tips

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Highlights of the Story

  • The earbuds are built with a premium aluminium and stainless steel.
  • These are designed was for the best audio performance using professionally-tuned drivers.
  • The FiiO JD3 Single Dynamic IEM is priced at an M.R.P. of 1699.