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New Apple iPhones- USB Type-C Or Lightning Port?

- Updated: 27th Oct 2022, 14:57 IST
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    New EU Law In Europe
    • Is Type C Only Restricted To A Region?

Apple to switch from the Lightning port to the USB type-C. This new update comes after the law was passed in Europe. European Union passed a law that makes it compulsory for all smartphone manufacturers to launch smartphones with USB type-C charging ports by 2024. As per sources, Apple iPhone 15 even land with a USB type-C port.

Apple has been designing iPhones with the Lightning port for the last decade. Moreover, an Apple executive hinted in an interview that the company have to comply with the new EU law. Also, the Apple iPhone 15 may indeed have a USB type-C port.

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New EU Law In Europe

The new EU law will let the company go off the Lightning port for iPhones. These were to be sold in 2024. But Apple has taken several stages to justify why they are sticking with the Lightning port.

However, if the company plans to sell the Apple iPhone 15 in Europe in 2024 and beyond, it has to stick by the new EU law. In a Wall Street Journal Interview, Apple’s marketing lead Greg Joswaik commented that Apple has to abide by the law as there are no other choices. “Obviously we’ll have to comply, we have no choice”.

Apple iPhone 15
Apple iPhone 15

Well with this comment the company has even expressed their sentiment. While Joswaik recalled that the EU once desired micro USB ports on the Apple iPhone.

Moreover, the marketing head said that if Apple complied with the order back then, the lightning or USB type-C would have never been made. He even mentioned that moving the Apple iPhone from Lightning to USB type-C will lead to a lot of e-waste.

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Is Type C Only Restricted To A Region?

However, this switch may be just for a region. As we don’t have enough hints to come to a conclusion about the USB type-C ports for iPhones all over the globe.

But this is a switch the World is waiting for. Moreover, when Joswaik was asked about the USB type-C in all markets but he refused to comment. This hints that Apple may offer USB type-C ports for only Apple iPhone models in Europe. This is similar to what Apple did with the eSIM-only models in the United States.

Other Apple products like the MacBook laptops and Apple iPad have already transitioned to USB type-C. Currently, the Apple iPhone and AirPods are the mainstream Apple products that are using the Lightning port. 

A recent report hints that Apple accessories may come with a USB type-C port by next year. However, the company’s decision to put a USB type-C port on an iPhone is a business decision rather than one that promotes innovation.

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But this stands as a surprise if Apple will bring USB type-C ports to all markets or it will be only limited to Europe to avoid legal issues in the European Union.