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New WhatsApp Feature Under Testing: Users To Message Themselves?

- Updated: 4th Sep 2022, 01:21 IST
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    How will the new WhatsApp feature work?

A new WhatsApp feature may be under development. It has chosen to roll out a new feature allowing users to send messages to their phones. Due to the fact that users cannot presently ping themselves in the existing instant messaging software system.

According to a report by WABetaInfo, the feature is being developed by Meta-owned WhatsApp on the beta version, but the company promises that it will be made available to all users of the Android and iOS versions.

One of the functions in the multi-device system that is lacking is the capacity to send a message to oneself. Therefore, in addition to the Android and iOS versions, WhatsApp is now working on a solution and will provide the functionality in upcoming releases of the WhatsApp Desktop beta.

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How will the new WhatsApp feature work?

New WhatsApp Feature

According to the article, if individuals try to access their WhatsApp accounts from a mobile device, their own names will appear at the top of the contact list. WhatsApp does not yet enable extra support for a second mobile device in a multi-device setup. Although, developers are striving to make it possible.

Additionally, as already indicated, the functionality will be made accessible for Android and iOS beta and PC test versions.

In other words, if someone uses WhatsApp on a laptop or computer, his name will appear in the list of discussions. According to the source, this function, which is now in testing mode, will air in a few days.

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This feature will address users’ problems when they need to take note of anything. It can be essential, urgent, or even unimportant as a reminder. Yet they tend to do it directly on WhatsApp rather than utilising any notepad applications or built-in notes.

This is a result of people using the messaging app frequently, which helps them recall information. Therefore, they may now only text themselves going forward, thanks to the app. Notably, WhatsApp is developing a number of additional intriguing features to enhance its user interface.

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Highlights of the Story

  • Currently, WhatsApp users are unable to message their own phone numbers.
  • However, WhatsApp users will soon be able to communicate themselves.
  • The functionality is presently being tested by the Meta-owned app on the WhatsApp beta version, but it will also be made available on the Android and iOS beta versions.