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OnePlus Phones Will Stop Selling In Offline Stores Soon: Here’s Why

- Updated: 14th Apr 2024, 17:04 IST
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    OnePlus Phones Could Stop Selling Offline From This Date
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    Why Are Retailers Stopping Sales?

OnePlus is one of the most popular brands in India. It is known for its smartphones, which offer great specifications at affordable prices. However, the company faces a significant challenge as its phones could soon stop selling in offline stores. Over 4,300 offline store retailers have threatened to stop selling OnePlus phones in India unless the company meets their demand.

OnePlus Phones Could Stop Selling Offline From This Date

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The South Indian Organized Retailers Association (ORA) has said it will stop selling OnePlus devices in its offline retail stores from May 1, 2024. Furthermore, the organization includes more than 20 retail chains and over 4,300 stores across India.

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This includes states like Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Gujarat. ORA has 23 members, including big stores like Poorvika and Sangeetha.

“Throughout the past year, we have encountered significant obstacles associated with selling OnePlus products, which remain unresolved. As esteemed partners, we had hoped for a more fruitful collaboration with OnePlus. Regrettably, the ongoing issues have left us with no alternative but to discontinue the sale of your products in our stores,” said Sridhar TS, President of the South Indian Organised Retailers Association (ORA)

Why Are Retailers Stopping Sales?

In its letter, ORA stated that it is stopping OnePlus sales in its offline stores due to “consistently low-profit margins” and unresolved delays in claims processing and bundling. This could damage OnePlus’s prospects in one of the biggest markets in the world.

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Another reason mentioned in the letter the ORA wrote is the issues consumers face when claiming a warranty on OnePlus phones. The lack of after-sales support is one of the two reasons as it can deter a buyer from purchasing a device.

The delays in warranty and services are reportedly affecting the reputation of these retailers, and they have communicated with OnePlus to change their policy. However, due to the failure of these talks, the ORA is now ending its ties with OnePlus instead of harming its reputation.

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That being said, the low-profit margins and lack of after-sales support are why OnePlus phones may no longer be available in offline stores. However, they will still be on sale via Amazon and Flipkart.

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Highlights of the Story

  • OnePlus phones will stop selling in offline stores from May 1, 2024.
  • The South Indian Organized Retailers Association (ORA) will no longer sell OnePlus products due to low profit margins and a lack of after-sales support.
  • The ORA includes more than 4,300 retail stores and 20 retail chains across many states of India.