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Quordle Answer For November 22: All Hints And Clues

- Updated: 22nd Nov 2023, 11:14 IST
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    Quordle 667 November 22 Clues And Hints
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    Today’s Quordle: Answer And Solutions

If you have been waiting for Quordle 667 answer for November 22, you have come to the right place. We have the hints and the answers for today’s game and the Daily Sequence Spin. You have nine attempts to solve the four words, and these hints will help you get the best out of each attempt.

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To answer the Quordle 667 for November 22, you must correctly guess four words consisting of five letters. Every word has its own grid, allowing you to get the correct answer simultaneously. There are a total of nine attempts for each Quordle that you receive.

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If you correctly answer the word in the Quordle 667, it will be highlighted in green. However, if the answer turns out to be incorrect, the word will appear yellow.

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In case there is no highlighted colour on the word, it means those letters are incorrect. The best way is to solve one word at a time instead of solving all of them at once.

Quordle 667 November 22 Clues And Hints

  • Word 1 Clue: The word refers to an outdoor area adjoining a house.
  • Word 2 Clue: It refers to a person who is strict or serious
  • Word 3 Clue: An essential material for making chocolates
  • Word 4 Clue: A small sailing boat with a single mast

Today’s Quordle: Answer And Solutions

Today's Quordle Answers For November 22 2023

Here are all the answers to help you solve the Quordle 667 for November 22:

  • Answer-1: PATIO
  • Answer-2: STERN
  • Answer-3: COCOA
  • Answer-4: SLOOP

We hope our answers will help you maintain your daily Quordle streak. Come back tomorrow to check the answers and clues for the next puzzle.

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