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Samsung Galaxy Buds Live Gets Minor Improvements In New Update

By Yeti - 
27th Feb 2021
Galaxy Buds Live Recieve A New Update

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro is receiving a new hearing enhancement feature update. This will allow the users to adjust the L/R sound balance. This will help the users with different levels of hearing loss in each ear.

This feature makes the Galaxy Buds highly customizable. The company’s rolling out this feature as a software update. The size of the update is just 2.2 MB. Also, so there are are other new features like stability improvement.

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What is Samsung Galaxy buds Pro?

Samsung Galaxy buds Pro is a truly wireless earbud. The device comes with an intelligent ANC. Also, the users can turn the noise cancellation low or high according to their environment. The buds also provide a cinematic sound experience to the users.

Also, the earbuds provide great control to the users. It comes with an ambient sound feature. With this feature, the user will not have to take their Galaxy Buds out to join a conversation. The earbuds can diligently raise the volume of the environment.

The earbuds comes with bixby voice wake up. Also, users can find earphone with smart things application. The earbuds will emit a beep. Also, so the users can connect two sets of Galaxy buds Pro to one smartphone at the same time. This allows the users to songs and listen to them with their friends.

New update

First of all, the new update allows the users to adjust the left and right sound balance of the Galaxy Buds. The users can increase the sound coming from the left earbud or vice versa. People with different hearing in different years will have great benefit.

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The next update is the auto-switching update. With this update, the smartphone will intelligently switch between devices. For example, when the user is watching a movie on his or her laptop and he or she gets a call on his or her smartphone. The Galaxy buds Pro will automatically switch from laptop to smartphone.

After the user disconnects the call, the Galaxy Buds will automatically switch to the laptop. This will allow users to switch between devices without even touching any screens. All Samsung users can get the update on their smartphones. However, smartphones with one UI 3.1 and above are the only ones to get the update.


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