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Facebook To Soon Release “Hey Facebook” For Oculus Quest 2

By Yeti - 
27th Feb 2021
Hey Facebook: All About Facebook's New Feature

Facebook is rolling out the new wake word, Hey Facebook, on the Oculus Quest 2. It will be an alternative wake word to Hey Portal. However, it is an opt-in feature. Users can still use the ‘ hey portal ‘ as the wake word.

What is the Oculus Quest?

Oculus Quest is a virtual reality headset. Facebook is the owner of this virtual reality headset. The company is there in the market since 2019. The oculus Quest to is the successor of the Oculus Quest device.

The device has an Oculus Insight tracking system. Also, the display of the device includes 1832 X 1920 pixels. The device comes with touch controllers. Recently, Facebook enabled voice commands on the device.

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Hey Facebook feature

According to Facebook, their goal is to make voice commands a truly hands-free experience. Now the users can use voice commands like, hey Facebook take a screenshot.

There are various other voice commands like, ” Hey Facebook, show me who is online” and ” Hey Facebook, open supernatural”. However, the users can still use the voice command without using a wake word.

The users can use the previous voice commands with the help of the existing button in the home menu. Also, the users can double press the Oculus controller button to command the device without using the wake word.

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Facebook allows users to control the storage of voice commands. They can modify the voice commands for better control. Also, viewing, hearing, and deleting voice commands will be much easier now.

However, users can go to settings and turn off voice storage to stop storing their voice commands. They will still be able to use the Hey Facebook and voice commands. Although, the storing of voice commands will immediately stop.

Lastly, this feature is currently available on Oculus Quest 2. Soon, Facebook will release the Hey Facebook feature on other Quest devices.


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