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Samsung To Develop Folding Displays For Other Manufacturers

- Updated: 26th Feb 2021, 04:30 IST

Samsung will now develop foldable displays for Oppo, Xiaomi, and Google. All three brands are switching into folding designs for their smartphones. With the success of the Samsung Z-fold, various brands are modifying their smartphones into folding designs.

Samsung is filing a patent for the clamshell foldable phone. The clamshell foldable phone is similar to the Galaxy Z flip. It is 5G but it has a larger cover display. Also, it has more cameras and a better hinge design.

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Samsung Z-fold

The Galaxy fold is the first foldable phone by Samsung. The device comes with an innovative Infinity flex display. It comes with 6 cameras for the best photography. The screen size of the device is 7.3 inches.

However, it only consists of one sim slot. The smartphone comes with a bezel-less display. Also, the Samsung Z-fold consists of a storage capacity of 512GB. Users can easily switch the smartphone from one-handed use to a large screen. It is great for multitasking as it has resizable app windows.

Folding designs for other brands

Oppo is looking forward to featuring a clamshell design. The smartphone will fold from top to bottom. The hole display size of the device will be 7.7 inches. Although the outer display will size between 1.5 to 2 inches. Samsung is looking forward to creating a clamshell display for Oppo.

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On the other hand, Xiaomi is looking forward to having an in-fold design. The smartphone will hold from left to right or vice versa. The display size of the Xiaomi smartphone will be 8.03 inches. Xiaomi is also expecting Samsung to create the folding design of their smartphone.

Google is also requesting Samsung to develop a foldable OLED display. According to Google, they want a 7.6-inch display. All the upcoming smartphones will have redesigned hinges. It will also have flex mode and an under-display camera. Also, the phone will shut with zero gaps and will have a triple camera instead of a dual one.