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LG Starts Licensing WebOS To Other Smart TV Manufacturers

- Updated: 26th Feb 2021, 04:34 IST

Other smart TV manufacturers can use the LG webOS on their product. The company is licensing the operating system to other smart TV brands. RCA, Ayonz, and Konka are the first ones to attend the license.

According to LG, this can reshape the TV business for both technology and content providers. Also, so this will show the prominence of the company in the global market. This will help the company grow with other Smart TV companies.

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LG webOS

The LG web OS is an operating system for Linux. The operating system is mainly included in smart devices such as smart TVs. Also, it is there in mobile operating systems.

Palm, Inc. Who was the first owner of this operating system. After that, LG became the owner of the operating system. The products like LG smart refrigerators and smart projectors use this OS.

Why licensing?

By licensing the operating software LG will have more control over other devices. Not only this but the company will generate more revenue through advertising. The manufacturers will have to show the ads sponsored LG channels. The manufacturers with the licensed webOS will have all the famous partners like Netflix, Prime, YouTube, Rakuten TV, etc.

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However, this is not a unique idea as Amazon is the most famous example of licensing. The difference is that Amazon does not have its own product or Smart TV. LG has a huge line of products but this will increase the reach of the company. Also, it will help the company to get more customers.

Lastly, LG will provide the same highly acclaimed UX design to the licensee. All the manufacturers who are attending the license will get all the features of the OS. Now, there will be more brands with voice search and control features. Also, users can enjoy one of the best OS in cheaper brands.