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The Indian Wearables Market Grew 144% In 2020

By Yeti - 
7th Mar 2021
Wearable Market

The Indian wearables market grew over by 144.3% in the year 2020. The company got a total of 30 6.4 million shipments in the year-on-year growth. International Data corporation was the one to release the quarterly report of the worldwide wearable device tracker.

Wearables saw an extreme increase in the orders of earwear devices. However, the market saw a steep decline in the shipments of wristbands for the first time. India is the only country to see triple-digit growth in wearables last year.

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How did wearables grow this big?

Wearable Technology is basically known as variables. It is a category of electronic devices that is mainly for accessorizing a person’s clothing or body. A person can even tattoo a wearable technology on his or her skin. It includes devices such as smart glasses, smartwatches, smart shirts, smart rings, etc.

Wearable technology is the main reason for the fitness trend across consumers in India. With the emerging trend of smart devices, people are integrating electronics into their daily activities. According to Cisco Systems, the number of connected wearable devices will increase from 593 million to 1105 million by 2022.

Latest market growth

According to an IDC report, people are buying more and more wireless earphones or earwear devices. That is why the earwear devices are growing by more than thrice last year in comparison to 2019.

Not only this but IDC believes that the main reason for the growth of Wearables is the increasing acceptance of wireless earphones. On the other hand, many customers rejected shipments of wristbands this year.

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People are moving onto smartwatches from wristbands. That is why the company grew by 139.3 % in the shipping of smartwatches. Also, the company believes that its affordable launches are the main reason for its growth.

Due to covid people are using more and more technological devices. This was a prime cause of increasing demands for wearables in 2020.


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