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The Joker Malware Found On A Squid Game Wallpaper App

- Updated: 25th Oct 2021, 11:06 IST
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    The Squid Game and the Malware

Squid Game, the latest Netflix series become a trendsetter with over $891.1 million in value since its release. The popular show gained fame within weeks of its release. But recently, the Google play store removed a wallpaper app based on Squid Game.  

A cybersecurity firm found a malicious Squid Game-based app on Play Store, which was later removed from the Android marketplace by Google. The app reported to spread malware named joker, and the app was available on android phones.

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The Squid Game and the Malware

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This recently launched drama series has found a special place in pop culture, encouraging memes and new trends globally. Plus, there are over 200 Squid Game-themed apps available on the Play Store, that are generating revenue from advertisements. But cybercriminals are also at work to gain success from it and have found a new way to steal users information.

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Cybersecurity researcher, Lukas Stefanko, discovered that the app transferred the infamous Joker malware. As per his statement, the app permitted hackers to send malicious ad fraud and/or unwanted SMS subscription actions. It means it can attack users with false transaction messages or show advertisements tempting customers to sign up for some premium subscription, leading to users losing money to the hackers.

Google Play Store spotted The ‘Joker’ malware earlier too. But this is the first time that it spread on Squid Game-themed app. Although the app has been removed from the play store, the users who installed the app are still at risk. It is advisable if users uninstall the application and run a security check on their devices.

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Highlights of the Story

  • Netflix’s Squid Game is trending on the internet with over $891.1 million in value for the streaming service.
  • A Squid Game-themed wallpaper app has been found to carry the ‘Joker’ malware.
  • The app has been removed from Google Play Store, but users who installed it are still under threat.