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Ubisoft Working on new Prince of Persia, Immortals Fenyx Rising Sequel

- Updated: 23rd Mar 2022, 19:26 IST
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    Ubisoft May Announce Immortals Fenyx Rising Sequel

Due to COVID-19 still raging in parts of the world, the physical E3 show had to be cancelled. Everyone is eagerly waiting for what major developers are going to announce this year. Reports say that Ubisoft is working on an event of its own, where they might reveal the production of a new Prince of Persia game and an Immortals Fenyx Rising sequel.

In an article by reliable leaker, Tom Henderson mentions that Ubisoft currently has around 20 games lined up and ready for some kind of announcement in the “near future”. We already know of some games like Assasin’s Creed Infinity, Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope, and Beyond Good and Evil 2. However, there are also a couple of games on this list that have not yet come to light.

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Ubisoft May Announce Immortals Fenyx Rising Sequel

immortals phenyx rising sequel in development

Henderson’s article also reports that a sequel to 2020’s Immortals Fenyx Rising might be in production. This Greek-mythology-themed open-world adventure is in its pre-production stages and Ubisoft currently hiring for the title. There have been rumours regarding games like Assassin’s Creed Rift, but no official confirmation. With the codename Project Orlando, Ubisoft may be also working on the third entry in their racing series The Crew.

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The most interesting of Henderson’s claims is that Ubisoft Montpellier may be working on a new Prince of Persia game. This would be very different from the 2010 PoP Sands of Time remake. The new game will reportedly be a 2.5D game taking “inspiration from Ori”.

new Prince of Persia

However, there has been no concrete date of the announcement for these games. Some might come in the next 12 months, while others are further away. However, it seems that some games might actually come to light before Ubisoft’s showcase event.

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Ubisoft has not yet revealed the name of their showcase event, nor have they announced any date for it. This event would have been the third instalment of the Ubisoft Forward showcase, but current world events have forced the company to put the event on hold. Ubisoft had planned to run this event ahead of the E3 to stay safe from competing studios. However, in the absence of any official announcement, we can only hope for some positive news from Ubisoft.


Highlights of the Story

  • This year, the COVID-19 forced the cancellation of the physical E3 show.
  • Ubisoft is preparing for their own showcase event, where they might announce a new Prince of Persia game and an Immortals Fenix Rising sequel.
  • Owing to “recent world events”, the event by Ubisoft will be put on hold.