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What Is Causing Chaos At Apple Supplier: Report

- Updated: 9th May 2022, 11:42 IST
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    Everyday cases Affecting Apple Suppliers

Apple suppliers getting in trouble as China’s “closed-loop” management style requires employees to live and work in a safe bubble. The site includes 40,000 people (some living 12 to a room) and 20 industries and buildings football fields. However, Quanta’s defences crumbled Thursday after COVID-19 breached them.

According to reports on the production floor, they overpowered hazmat-suited security officers and vaulted over factory gates to flee.

However, Shanghai’s 25 million residents remain under China’s “dynamic zero” COVID regime, highlighting the difficulties in restarting manufacturing, many of which are vital connections in global supply networks.

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Quartz, which also makes Tesla’s computer circuit boards, produces one-third of Apple’s global MacBook output. Queries about the films’ removal from Chinese social media went unanswered by Quanta. Apple and Tesla both declined to comment.

It reopened on April 18 with 5 per cent of its workforce, or 2,000 people, and plans to double that by April 22. Resumption of commerce while complying with COVID was lauded by Chinese state media.

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Everyday cases Affecting Apple Suppliers

Apple Suppliers

Shanghai authorities recorded daily incidents at a university from March 26 to May 4. Quanta employee incident rate unknown. To help bring attention to positive incidents that weren’t limiting to Quanta, people turned to Weibo on April 6, five days after Shanghai went into lockdown.

On Douyin, China’s version of TikTok, employees start uploading images of workers waiting to be transport to quarantine centres.

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The Shanghai National Exhibition and Convention Center, one of the city’s major quarantine facilities, was also relaxing. But two employees and a source familiar with campus operations said many illnesses were present.

An employee named Li claimed that his room had eight positive cases, including himself. In addition, recurring infections were reported by those familiar with campus operations.

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Employees said a rumour that factory workers had positive issues started the panic. They feared being imprisoned within the factory if they were told not to return to their dorms. “What a disaster,” one person wrote on Weibo and Douyin before the fight was removed.


Highlights of the Story

  • Quanta assembles 75 per cent of Apple’s worldwide MacBook output.
  • In addition, Tesla uses the firm to make computer circuit boards.
  • Quanta put established a closed-loop to resume manufacturing activity on April 18.